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    SFA for unmarried but with children

    Hi all, Anyone able to give me some more info on whether my girlfriend and I would qualify for SFA? We're not married but we've got a little one on the way. Would we be eligible for SFA? I know we'd meet the requirements for the surplus housing however the only surplus available at my camp is...
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    Amey SFA

    Due to start at new Unit in the South next week. Applied for SFA with my spouse and dog and got offered two bed flats with no garden. We’ve tried contacting welfare teams who are doing nothing about it. Exactly what can we do? There are three bed houses but we’ve been told we can’t move in to...
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    SFA - Single serving parent, Eligible but not entitled?

    Hello all I’m a single parent serving full time, I have hired a live in nanny as I don’t want to be the “single parent” that has to say no when the singlies don’t have that liberty. I go on a 9 month deployment soon too so that reinforces the need for a f/t nanny. I live in SFA and have a...
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    Cost of quarters

    Hi all, Looking for some help on working out the cost of quarters. Other half is in the process of re-enlisting after 8 years out. So will likely go back in at same rank (corporal). We have 4 kids. If he gets posted in the UK, probably Oxford or Aldershot, what would we be looking at paying...