security clearance

  1. 1

    Security Clearance Transfer

    Hello, Does anyone know whether the UKSV allows Security Clearance Transfers between FIVE EYES forces? I am planning on applying to RMAS and would like to know whether my clearance from a Reserve Officers position will be able to be transferred. Otherwise, I have heard I need to reside in the...
  2. S

    royal engineers vetting

    i'm thinking about joining the royal engineers as a combat engineer and was just curious what kind of vetting (basic check security check dv etc) would be involved and when in the process. i do not think it will be a problem i'm just curious.
  3. JNM

    Background check debts.

    Passed checks, apparently student debts and overdrafts don’t matter
  4. B

    Security clearance possible for long-term expatriate?

    Hello, I'm thinking seriously of joining the Army Reserve but I think I might fall at the first hurdle. I hold UK citizenship and have done since birth, but I've been living in Poland continuously since 2003 excluding 2007-9 when I was back. I know that potential recruits have to be cleared...