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    Army officer scholarship scheme

    dear all, I am currently considering applying for a scholarship and I had a few questions. I would really appreciate it if I could get a few answers. 1) is the scholarship mainly for those at state schools or at a slight economic advantage or is it for everyone? (I go to a private school but...
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    Army SCA interview

    Hi, one of the documents I have been sent prior to my interview was a sheet with some questions I may possibly be asked. I have jotted some notes next to some, however there is some I would like to here someone else's view on. For example, 'Your motivation for applying for an Army Scholarship'...
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    Scholarship interview

    Hi, I have passed my eligibility and medical forms and now have my interview prior to the GAIC(O) and AOSB. I have spoke to my regional careers advisor who holds the rank of Major, and he was in fact very informal and was very helpful. I know somebody who holds a scholarship and a undergraduate...
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    Chances at AOSB-Sixth Form Scholarship

    Just wondering what my chances are of getting the Sixth Form Scholarship. 240 candidates go to AOSB and 100 get a Scholarship. My fitness is pretty good, can pass the 1.5 mile run easily along with the press ups and situps. Got 8 A* and 2 A at GCSE and I think my interview and Insight Course...
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