1. Joshua Slocum

    Life Under Fire by Jason Fox

    How to build inner strength and thrive under pressure. The star of Channel 4's Who Dares Wins. I must admit I am not familiar with the TV series, as I rarely watch television. I am also a trifle wary of self help books and courses, having been forced to endure various schemes that senior...
  2. D

    Across an Angry Sea.

    This is a very interesting book of some 280 pages of relatively small font which if larger would have made a book of far more pages. It tells of the experience of Cedric Delves during the Falklands Conflict as a Major commanding D Squadron 22 Special Air Service Regiment (SAS). The foreword is...
  3. P

    SFSG Vetting

    Hi all, does anybody know what kind of vetting would be required to serve with 1 Para (SFSG), i have previously been turned down for Developed Vetting in a different role and im curious to find out whether it is possible to serve with a standard security clearance.
  4. M

    Fake SAS/SBS

    Help needed My daughter would like to know how she can check if her partner is ex SAS/SBS.. he says he has Cap Badge!....I looked on eBay and could find them for sale at £4.89 I would really appreciate any help as my daughter is Very vulnerable. Many thanks