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  1. Auld-Yin

    The Long Range Desert Group in Action 1940-43

    Images of War Series of illustrated books. This book is somewhat different from the usual Images of War series in that there is a lot of text, very interesting text. There are a lot of photographs but this 214 page book gives us a much more in-depth look at the subject matter. This is great...
  2. J

    Who would the British army send in if house of commons under attack

    If ISIS attacked and held people hostage in house of commons would they send in the SAS or would they send in the intelligence corps to deal with Isis?
  3. J

    Are the intelligence corps seriously badass?

    Is being an intelligence corps officer reserve a bad ass role and will people in other British army units look at me and the intelligence corps in awe seeing that we are your only lead to intelligence and we have higher selection pass grades etc?
  4. J

    Deleted post

  5. goodoldboy

    With the SAS Across the Rhine

    In this book the author describes his Army service in WW2 followed by an account of joining the SAS and being parachuted into occupied France to work alongside the Resistance for three months in 1944. After a further three months in the UK he is again parachuted into the Morvan area of southern...
  6. Dark_Nit

    Operation Colossus

    Review by Dark-Nit Foreword by Maj. General Adrian Freer This book is a historical record of the first British paratroop attack of WW2. First impressions are that the book is a good quality hardback printed on heavy paper with a nice dust jacket which will look good on the shelf. As for most...
  7. N

    Sas Walt?

    Got a guy who works at our security firm recons he was a sniper with 22nd I don’t know nearly enough to pick apart his story So I’m gonna post what he’s put on here and looking advice on how I can actually get the correct information but he pissing everyone off saying he can’t find a job due to...
  8. C

    Join 4 PARA or 21 SAS(R)

    I'm a civilian thinking of joining 4 Para or 21 SAS(R). I'd like to know which would be more interesting. What types of operations could I be involved in? I've read "A Quiet Soldier" by Adam Ballinger which is quite dated and I've read much about 4 Para recently. I can kind of understand what 4...
  9. 3

    Would it be possible for a medical officer to join the Special Forces?

    Hi Ive just finished college and will be going to uni for medicine this fall IA I was just exploring the pathway of becoming a medical officer in the armed forces and therefore was wondering if a medical officer could join the special forces. Many Thanks :)
  10. Auld-Yin

    Pilgrim Days : From Vietnam to the SAS

    Alastair Mackenzie was born into a British army family and followed his father round postings as a pad brat. When his father left the army, the family emigrated to New Zealand. In time Mackenzie applied for a commission in the New Zealand army. Not being greatly gifted in the scholastic world...
  11. D

    Across an Angry Sea.

    This is a very interesting book of some 280 pages of relatively small font which if larger would have made a book of far more pages. It tells of the experience of Cedric Delves during the Falklands Conflict as a Major commanding D Squadron 22 Special Air Service Regiment (SAS). The foreword is...
  12. P

    SFSG Vetting

    Hi all, does anybody know what kind of vetting would be required to serve with 1 Para (SFSG), i have previously been turned down for Developed Vetting in a different role and im curious to find out whether it is possible to serve with a standard security clearance.
  13. M

    Fake SAS/SBS

    Help needed My daughter would like to know how she can check if her partner is ex SAS/SBS.. he says he has Cap Badge!....I looked on eBay and could find them for sale at £4.89 I would really appreciate any help as my daughter is Very vulnerable. Many thanks
  14. Captain_Crusty

    The SAS in Rhodesia: We Dared to Win

    'The SAS in Rhodesia: we dared to win' is a fascinating collection of first hand accounts of the Rhodesian SAS during the Rhodesian War. The author is Hannes Wessels (author of A Handful of Hard Men) who has teamed up with Andre Scheepers, who served as both a trooper and an officer within the...
  15. guzzijon

    Iranian Embassy Trooper Petition

    Seems like someone who was actually in some proximity to that balcony- ex-SAS soldier Bob Curry- is having a bit of a shit time. Got to be worth a couple of quid and a couple of minutes of our time. Petition unterschreiben
  16. thegimp

    Special forces tramps

    Armed SAS troops disguised as tramps | Daily Mail Online Don't be pissing on that harry when you stagger out of your local discotheque, you may get a surprising robust response and it won't be an empty can of special brew on the noggin This ties in with the fact that 90% of street drinkers...
  17. D

    Army reservists still at risk on UKSF(R) selection

    I completed the obligatory search but to no avail. Although I appreciate this thread was discussed at length previously UKSF(R) new ish role may have more impact on the review. The link from the Telegraph Army reservists still at risk in SAS selection, Brecon Beacons inquiry finds Air Marshal...
  18. kiwidoug

    NZ SAS accused of "War Crimes"

    One of our more rabid "Authors" has released a new book accusing NZ SAS and unspecified US forces in causing multiple civilian deats in Afghanistan in 2010. I strongly suspect it's another attempt at sensationalism to drive sales, because the main author, a ***t called Nicky Hager has accused...
  19. Qournbeef99

    Getting fit for the PARAS!!!!!

    Good evening ladies, im 17 and absolutely hate my job so I fancy jumping out of a plane. I would join the paras right now if I was fit enough however my 1.5 mile time isnt up to scratch and running long distances (4miles +) is not my strong point, so if there are any serving or ex paras, or...
  20. R

    Raf reg or SAS

    I've been considering joining an elite fighting force. I'm considering either the SAS or the RAF reg but I don't know whether I'm good enough to get into the RAF reg because selection is much harder than special forces. Can someone give me some advice for joining? Cheers- Alberic
  21. Blogg

    Bye bye BHS

    BHS jobs fears grow amid administration concerns Has anybody actually purchased anything from BHS? Ever?
  22. GCHQ

    Operation Nimrod - from the perspective of The Met

    Hello, Whilst clips from this production regularly surface in the numerous documentaries about the Hereford Gun Club's famous London outing, I don't ever recall seeing the whole thing. It's an interesting look at the Embassy siege from the point of view of the Met with some quite...
  23. Bad CO

    Thelma & Louise versus ISIS

    I know it's the Daily Star but the suggestion that two female members of the SRR have been getting stuck into ISIS has to be newsworthy. Obviously this is a great story but I have to say the following line made me doubt its veracity 'They are regarded as highly valuable assets by seasoned SAS...