1. R

    What do C3S operators do?

    What exactly do c3s/engineer it systems/whatever they're called this week actually do in a regiment? I know there's some old threads about this but need a more recent bit of information. There's not much info available on day to day life and their role in a wider regiment. Cheers
  2. Q

    Combat engineering

    Hi sorry if this in the wrong place but I'm looking at joining as either a fabricator or a design draughtsman in the engineers. I just wanted to know what the split between trade activity and combat engineering is for both roles as I like doing both however I dont want to be stuck doing my trade...
  3. M

    33 EOD Regt.

    Want to join RE, specifically 33 EOD but after doing some reading I’ve got the impression that if I join the RE there’s a chance I won’t end up doing what I want to do (EOD). Can someone clarify the process of going from civilian to officer in 33 EOD? Cheers
  4. S

    Design draftsman/Phase 2

    Hi, Could anyone tell me some more information on the phase 2b for a design draftsmen. All I seem to find is little information. Thanks
  5. A

    Joining 23 para regiment ? Questions and advice please

    Hi guys, Been doing a little exploring for my future in the royal engineers soon and was just wondering when we finish trade training and can apply for the choice of joining a regiment ,if I was to select 23 para regiment (and fingers crossed get selected) would I still be in the regiment even...