1. R

    Reality of being an Officer & what route shall I take

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my post. My current aspiration is to join as an officer, however I have people around me telling me I have idealistic views of what life is like in the military and I'm honestly fed up of people acting like wanting to join the army is a childish decision...
  2. D

    What are my chances of getting to Sandhurst without a degree?

    Hello everyone, I’m 19 (about to turn 20) and have always dreamed of becoming an Infantryman. This has been put on hold due to bogus medical issues for about a year but looks like it’s about to be sorted out. I did go to university but for many reasons found it wasn’t for me so promptly dropped...
  3. S

    UCAS Points

    I have a bit of a conundrum that I could use some advice on so any help would be appreciated. Basically I want to join the army as an officer but when I applied my application was rejected as they didn't recognise one of my qualifications so I subsequently didn't reach the 72 UCAS point mark and...
  4. Captain_Crusty

    Habit of Excellence

    Langley Sharp is the head of the Centre for Army Leadership, part of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. The Centre for Army Leadership is 'responsible for championing leadership excellence across the British Army'. As such Sharp would appear to be eminently well-suited to opine on Army...
  5. P

    Sandhurst preparation

    Hello everyone! I am taking this year to prepare for my main board next year. I plan on making a schedule with specific subjects to prepare for to be as prepared as I can for when I arrive. I am well aware that we are assessed on our potential and that we are not expected to know everything...
  6. D

    a few questions about RMAS application

    Hi all. I'm an Australian/Kiwi who's interested in becoming an officer when I finish school. I'm almost 16 and I've been looking at it for about 18 months now, so I'd be looking at an intake in early 2024. I've got a decent of idea of potential regiments and I've worked out the logistics of my...
  7. KnightsofRowallan

    The Elite Leadership Course: Life at Sandhurst by Garry McArthy

    FEEL THE STAG! I will admit to wanting to like this book and I will declare that I had a vested interest as a “RoCo” survivor; heightened by the fact that the events in this book took place after I passed RoCo but was still at the Academy. Although the names are changed I certainly know who some...
  8. P

    Officer Prospects

    Hello all, I am looking to start my application to Sandhurst and am thinking about the various opportunities that this will provide. I am not sure which Corps/regt to join. I have narrowed it down to intelligence and educational and training services but want to know more about the possibilities...
  9. A

    Clay Shooting at Sandhurst

    Hello I am looking to join as an officer and am just wondering if anyone knows if Sandhurst offers clay and/or game shooting as part of its sports as it is something I'm quite passionate about. Thanks
  10. T

    How hard is it to commission into the Guards Division?

    Hello everyone, I have just begun my Officer application for the British army. It’s obviously still very early stages at the moment, but I have always had my sights firmly set on the guards division; particularly the Grenadier Guards or the Coldstream Guards. I have been doing some research into...
  11. C

    Becoming an RGR officer

    On my mothers side of the family, all the men are millitary and the majority of them are in the Gurkhas(mainly Indian Gurkhas I think although i know one was in the signaporean). I want to carry on this tradition and join the Royal Gurkha Rifles. From what ive gathered from speaking to army...
  12. C

    Is it possible to go to Sandhurst after becoming a regular soldier?

    Hello, I am currently a phase 1 recruit going through Pirbright as a regular soldier, but have taken quite an interest in becoming an officer at some point in my career being that as soon as possible. Having spoken to my troop commander and seeing his role, it is something that interests me...
  13. C

    Questions about UOTC, Sandhurst and HCav

    I've been looking in to the specifics of joining the army a lot recently as I'm off to uni in October. ARRSE seems to have been the best informed place on the internet to get answers to some questions, and plenty of the threads I've read through have been super helpful. But I'm still left with a...
  14. Terrafir

    Can you join as a Regular then later on go to Sandhurst?

    Right genuine question. Can someone join the army as a regular soldier then later on in your career, whilst still being in the army, go to Sandhurst and become and Officer?
  15. 0

    Difference between GDMO and RMO??

    I'm heavily considering a career in the army as a doctor. Currently year 1 of medical school. What happens after the PQO course at Sandhurst? Can you join any regiment (regardless of whether it is a medical reg or not) you want, or are you (as a doctor) confined to only joining RAMC? What is the...
  16. P

    Surgery Pre Sandhurst?

    Ello, Recently passed my AOSB briefing and have got my main board in September (if this bastard of a virus fucks off by then) and then more than likely would aim to go to Sandhurst the following September (2021). Aiming to join the Paras, only issue is I've got a mild case of pectus excavatum...
  17. R

    Guards Officer

    Good day to you all, I am currently in the proccess of applying for an army scholarship, my Medical report has just been recieved by my CSM, and i would like to know about how likely it is that i will get into the regiment I want to. My top choice is the grenadier guards, followed by the scots...
  18. W

    Royal Regiment of Scotland

    Hello, is there anyone here currently a serving or an ex officer in the Royal Regiment of Scotland? Would love to have a few questions answered!
  19. W

    Education Assessment

    Hello all, Am currently looking into the process from Soldier to Officer. I don't have the required GCSE's and will need to sit the educational assessment, would anybody have experience of going down this route and/or has sat the assessment and can tell me what it entails? Thanks!
  20. G

    Gap Year Commission Process

    Hi all I know there are threads already on this, but they seem to have gone dead. I'm in the process of applying for the GYC (2020 Start) and am wondering if anyone who has completed the process has any info on how hard it is to gain a Gap Year Commission and the process of going to RMAS and...
  21. S

    Is family in hhcav essential for officer entry

    Im looking to join household cavalry as an officer when I finish 6 form. However, a couple of my mates have told me that they don't let you in unless you have some sort of family connection to the regiment. Sounds like bs but just wanted to ask
  22. oppoStu

    AOSB Main Board - Everything You Need To Know

    Previously been through the process once before, did some research on it to find a detailed diary. There is currently no "Main Board" diaries on ARRSE, only 1 briefing diary and a few other people who have provided little bits of information. So I thought I would share the information I have...
  23. S

    RMAS rejected medical

    Afternoon all The RMAS medical assessment team Capita rejected my medical due to a couple of counts of depression I had at university (it was not serious as I never hurt myself or required to go to hospital for a period of time, that is not to say i don’t think it’s a serious issue) to me it...
  24. J

    An Officers social life

    Just wondering what sort of social life a Officer gets, because some of my mate and myself have looked to officer as a career path and wondered if they can still go out with mates on weekends. And if they could even do that with fellow soldiers? So my main question is let’s say a 21 year old...
  25. L

    Clearing after RSBs

    Hi All, Needing insight into a process and hoping someone can shed some light. Has anybody had the unfortunate experience of going through clearing following RSBs that didn’t go as planned? Or know anybody who has? What cap badges did they take to RSBs and what did they end up with following...
  26. C

    RMA Sandhurst Kit List

    Hi everyone, I've just been offered an Undergraduate Bursary, followed by a place at Sandhurst on completion of my degree. I like to be prepared. Can anyone attach a current kit list, reading list or any other tips for joining? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
  27. G

    RMAS Insight Day or RAF OASC?

    I am applying for a commission in both the RAF and Army, currently leaning towards Army, but have been given my RAF OASC date on the same day as the Insight Day at Sadhurst. Any advice from anyone, particularly on how worthwhile the Insight Day is? I will need to rearrange one, however the...
  28. M

    Sandhurst straight after A-Level

    For anyone who has replied to my other questions you will know this is something I am weighing up. Does anyone have tips, tricks, warnings and the like that you would give to me if I were to decide to begin my officer training straight after A Level instead of post-degree /...
  29. J

    Officer commission without A Levels or UCAS points (Soldier entry to Sandhurst)

    Although the Army has been very helpful in attempting to give me an answer, I’m still not entirely certain. I’ve always wanted to join the Army since I was a child, there was always a feeling I had to become a soldier to see what I’m capable of. However, obviously, as I got older it became much...
  30. Resurgam

    Looking for a SMC 8 16 Pl platoon photograph

    I am looking for a 16 pl photograph from SMC 8. One of the chaps on the photograph is Sheikh Jamal son of Sheikh Mujib Rahman the father of Bangladesh. I have been asked by a chum in Bangladesh if I know of any photographs of Sheikh Jamal whilst at Sandhurst. The Sandhurst Collection have...
  31. J

    Joining Sandhurst at 18

    Hi, I'm currently starting year 13 and currently deciding what to do after this school year. I was looking at becoming an infantry platoon officer and was wondering what are the chances of making it to Sandhurst without a degree? (P.S My fitness is to a good standard and I will meet the standard...
  32. UXO

    Just passed AOSB

    Hi All, Been lurking for a while but since I passed AOSB on Friday 10th and got my letter Sat 11th (once the postie had stopped chatting up some Mum outside my house for 10 mins) I thought I'd better sign up. Time to jack this crap job in and start getting shouted at. I'm a Maths grad and...
  33. A

    Non-Irish Royal Irish officer?

    I'm starting Sandhurst in 4 weeks and still thinking about possible regiments. I'm almost sure infantry is for me as long as I don't hate being on exercise. Like the title says I'm interested in the R Irish however aside from a small Irish connection, I don't really have many Irish connections...
  34. S

    Advice please re DTUS and fitness

    Hi, I have a son on the DTUS scheme first year at uni. He's got tonsilitus again (3rd time this year), on antibiotics and still off for training this weekend. Another parent said that once he's finished his degree and off (hopefully) to Sandhurst they won't be happy as he's been on medication...
  35. G

    Selection to Int Corps with Cat 2

    Dear all, I recently completed the AOSB Briefing, finishing with a category two due to struggling on the obstacle course. Everything else I passed without issue, and they recommended a postponement of only three months before Main Board. However, I have heard from several sources that certain...
  36. J

    Army Officer Regiment choice

    So I'm wondering about potential regiment choices. I was thinking a Helicopter Pilot Officer in the AAC, however I have been researching and have read that a flying career lasts around five years. I've also heard the reg is also difficult to get into, but I haven't totally ruled it out. Can...
  37. C

    2016 Briefing/Main Board Tips and Answers

    I am aware that for anyone with either their briefing or main board approaching there will be questions and worries and not all answers can be found. I have recently passed main board and briefing (both this year) so everything is still fresh. I'm happy to answer any officer related questions...
  38. O

    Gay officers

    Hello, I really want to go to Sandhurst and to become an officer and I'm determined to do so. However I am gay, I've come out to some friends and some family but I'm not really showy and shouty about it. I'm definatly not a stereotypical gay and don't really come across as. Should I go into...
  39. B

    Appealing SNLR/Re-Enlisting to Sandhurst

    I was recently discharged from Sandhurst after nearly a year (got backtermed 1 term) and was given Service no longer required without the right to go in as a regular soldier or reserves. Is there any form of appeal or challenge process as the grounds are so vague and loose it seems to confirm...
  40. J

    RMAS Issued boots

    Right fellas! I need a new pair of (walking) boots and thought I'd kill 2 birds with one stone and buy a pair boots that I would get issued at basic training and/or sandhurst (depending on if I pass my AOSB) to a) get used to boots instead of using trainers for everything and b) have a pretty...