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    Is 26 too old to be going to Sandhurst?

    I have received an offer to attend the regular commissioning course at Sandhurst but I am concerned about how I will be viewed because of my age. Upon arrival at Sandhurst I will be 26 and will be 27 by the time I commission. I am fairly fit, currently finishing a degree, and have no ties or...
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    Sandhurst September intake composition

    I've heard a lot of waffle from different people on the composition of the september intake. Some people tell me it's 100% ex OTC with half the intake already holding reserve commisions and other people tell me it's about 50% OTC and 50% civilian newbies. Can anyone who's been on a Sep intake...
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    Army Officer Insight Day at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

    Hi, I’m new to this but was wondering if there’s anyone attending the Army Officer Insight day at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) on Wednesday 10th April 2019. I have my PSMA medical on the 5th of May at AC Lichfield. And my AOSB Briefing (personal development activity) on the 21st...