1. S

    Correct me if I’m wrong

    If I am correct which I believe I am there isn’t a left handed sa80 with UGL ? Yet on a photo for a insurance brochure there seems to be one , shitty fake or is the left handed sa80 not a myth (1st page bottom...
  2. MuddledUOTCOcdt

    The A3 Revealed: SA80 MLI

    Short story short. The MoD is studying whether it is feasible to keep the SA80 beyond 2025 and has been playing about with several "A3" prototypes. New SA80A3 Assault Rifle Revealed At DVD '16 - Combat & Survival Changes are as follows: ¤ a safety stud placed above the change lever on the...
  3. JohnRambo

    LSW with 100 round 5.56mm Beta C Mag/Drum

    An interesting concept popped into my mind about how we could have lessened some of the short comings of the LSW as a support weapon, first start off with the basics of what the support weapon is aimed at; providing superior/suppressive fire. I give you: Beta C-Mag The LSW was never...