1. Oyibo

    The Trolls from Olgino - Tracking Changes

    I have found it fascinating on the Ukraine thread how the number of posts from the usual Russian trolls has ramped up and how, it appears, their users change (language ability, tone, etc.). I've started this thread so that they do not pollute the others, and so that we can track some of their...
  2. Joshua Slocum

    Panzer III

    The Author Thomas Anderson will be a familiar name to scale modellers. Many years of research in the USA ,Germany, and Europe, in long forgotten and dusty archives have enabled him to bring together the most comprehensive history of the Panzer III. The book starts with the earliest iterations...
  3. Joshua Slocum


    64 pages fully illustrated including original black and white images, colour photographs of models, and scale line drawings of each mark of tank This book will be of interest to both modellers and those interested in the history and the mechanical details of the Tiger1 used on the Eastern Front...
  4. BratMedic

    The Nazi's Winter Warfare on the Eastern Front 1941-1945

    An Images of War publication that describes the war on the Ostfront. The photographs are the main backbone of the book although the text is very informative especially the excerpts from the "Taschenbuch für den Winterkrieg" (Paperback for the Winter War}. The photographs show the extremely...
  5. S

    Book Publishing

    Long time Lurker, first time poster don't crucify me on etiquette so im ex RE, and ive got a mate who ex Russian SF whos wrote a book (in russian) about his life thats somewhat popular in Russian. I suggested that if he bothered to translate it to english it could have some success over here...
  6. Flight

    Russian space tug? "A series of photos and computer-generated imagery, which surfaced on the Internet in 2020 and originated from KB Arsenal clearly revealed the latest version and the planned operation of a very large space tug propelled by electric engines and powered by...
  7. B

    Applying to the Int Corps - detrimental to future work abroad in China/Russia?

    Hello all, I am currently applying to 5 MI battalion - a reserve intelligence unit. If I am not accepted into the Int Corps reserves, I would instead like to go abroad for a few years teaching English. The best places (in my opinion) to do this are China and Russia. Does anyone with any...
  8. Condottiere

    Moscow Rules.

    Russia and Russian State behaviour tends to puzzle observers in the West, be they policy makers, academics or the general populace. This book lucidly explains the reasons behind both this behaviour and the consequent befuddlement; as well as offering a way forward in dealing with Moscow. It...
  9. D


    I see that Ecomcon got sent to the great internet forum in the sky. Dusty in here, etc etc etc Was it a Russian troll as some of us suspected? Should we be outraged or secretly gleeful that the Russian propaganda machine deems arrse worthy of expending effort on attempting to influence the...
  10. Joshua Slocum

    VITEBSK The Fight and Destruction of the Third Panzer Army

    The origional draft of this book was written by Otto Heidkamper in 1954, at a time when NATO was studying the German conduct of the war, and no doubt seeking to learn everything they could about the Russian psyche and fighting.methods Otto's rank of Chief of Staff of the 3rd Panzer Army meant...
  11. ViolatorOfVirgins

    Russian New Generation Warfare Handbook (sorry- I couldn't find the Russian thread, search function doesn't work properly o.O). Anyway, nice but short read. Does anyone have similar newish (made in the last, let say, 25 years) pdfs about similar topic that are read...
  12. Idrach

    Quantum Weaponry? Anybody with a clue?

    I was reading an article about current Russian warfare thinking: Thomas Russia's Way of War In it, there is a very brief mention of "quantum weaponry". It also mentions quantum computing (which I have as reasonable a grasp of as could be expected of a non-specialist. Ditto quantum...
  13. Goatman

    Putin Watching .... The story continues

    Well I used the search function like a good little Ewok and couldn't find anything specifically matching this. A recent analysis of Vlad the Bad from a creditable source,reprinted by the Grauniad: For the good and benefit of the Troop. Question: I have a faint outline of who Vladimir Putin...
  14. Kromeriz

    Holland, the hand of Russia?

    Ostensibly, the disruption in relations between Holland and Turkey, two NATO member states, one a member of the EU the other, a shunned bride seem like a spat. However, who even suggested to the Turks that fermenting unrest and protests in another country in support of a sitting president was...
  15. Kromeriz

    End of sanctions against Russia?

    There is an article behind a pay wall in the Times. In it, Italy is pressing the EU and the UK in particular to engage with Russia to end the refugee crisis in Libya... 'Italy is turning to Russia to help combat the immigration crisis, despite warnings from European allies about Vladimir...
  16. ViolatorOfVirgins

    Getting hot in Turkey?

    Russian ambassador to Turkey 'shot dead' in Ankara Russian ambassador was shot in Ankara, russkies are quiet about his state so I believe he is kaput now.
  17. Miep

    Russia military strength -new reports

    + + = ? Balance is dropping more and more in favour of russia regarding a potential assault in europe in conventional numbers. Add to that the growing ability to deter a nuclear response by the Nato and the picture isnt looking very nice for states in EEurope.
  18. KGB_resident

    Dedicated Russian thread

    Other threads are sometimes overloaded by remarks only remotely connected to their themes. So it would be helpful to have a separate thread to discuss Russians, Russian mindset, habits, customs, Russian politics, politicians and so on and so forth. @scalieback agrees with it. Please, send...
  19. guzzijon

    Litvinenko Enquiry Announced

    Apparently completely coincidental timing of this announcement! To me it seems quite a clumsy use of a stick with which to poke Putin- and one which was buried last time we wanted to kiss and make up with him. It's a bit unseemly to drag up this 2006 assassination every time we get a monk on...