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    Army v's RAF Rugby

    Details of the Army v's RAF Rugby matches next month for anyone who is interested. Gloucester RFC has already sold over 3000 tickets and it promises to be an epic day. But what we really want to do is fill Kingsholm, which can take up to 15,000, with service personnel and their families and...
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    Army Navy Tickets

    I have 2 genuine tickets for the Army Navy match 2016 for sale if anyone wants them or knows of anyone who does. They are £25 each (cost price) I can't go now, would hate to see these go n the bin!

    england rugby joke

    Start of the school day the teacher asks the children to write down what their fathers do for a living… then she asks them one by one to read out what their fathers do, Ann what does your father do asks the teacher, my fathers a doctor she replies Megan what does your father do, my dad’s a...