1. MoleBath

    The Rise and Fall of Western Tanks 1855-1939

    The British Army finished the First World War with the largest tank force https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/#_edn1, the best AFVs and a solid doctrine to employ them. The army had the first dedicated Tank regiments and even a band so all was going so well. The immediate post war years were a...
  2. H

    RTR on operations

    Hi guys first post on the site hoping I have put this on the right place. So I'm currently interested in joining the RTR as a tank crewman. My question is what other duties would I have to be doing outside of maintaining and driving/shooting eta of the tank? If anything else at all. So if I...
  3. Joshua Slocum

    The Tanks

    This is the Fourth Volume of the History of the RTR, and being published on the anniversary of the Battle of Cambrai all the better for it. This book could easily have been a dull compendium of facts and figures, but instead Charles Messenger has brought the Regiment to life, bringing much...
  4. G


    Hey, Just looking for some inside info really! I passed selection about a month ago and i'll be starting my phase 1 training very shortly. I'll be going into the RA,C hopefully RTR... but i understand they have just opened it up for girls this year, so i'll be one of the first few girls to go...
  5. JockScot

    Royal Scots DG's Tankies or Light Cavalry?

    Finally passed my medical with the Army and I am no going ahead with my selection. My first choice Regiment was for the Royal Tank Regiment as I had assumed from the Army's website :Light Cavalry careers - British Army Website That the Scots DG's were no longer an armoured regiment. However in...
  6. F

    Tankee as a career

    Can anyone tell what a career of a tankee is like, I've heard mixed things on "it's crap, you do jack shit and get nowhere" and I've heard stuff more along the lines of "best fooking job going."
  7. Raccoo

    Recruiting Regiments for Surrey (RAC)

    Hey all, Looking to join the RAC, I've got selection in a few days but I haven't decided on a regiment yet, leaning towards RTR. I can't find anywhere on the web the recruiting areas for the regiments in RAC, (specifically Surrey). The main ones I'm looking at are the RTR and the KRH. Any help...
  8. A&SH_RTR

    RTR Tank Crew Badge?

    Hi All, Just wondered if I could get some guidance? I'm in the ACF and affiliated with the RTR. I was given a Tank Crew Badge and wondered if I am allowed to sew it on to my blanking plate? I have read the dress regs but it doesn't really clarify so if anyone has any help other than quoting the...