royal signals

  1. T

    Royal Signals Précis, where can I get new ones?

    Hi all, I have to give lessons on various RS tech stuff. Cut a long story short I need to remind and revise, as I’ve been out of ph2 and in Regt for 4 years and not touched up on any of this sh!t since blanny. Where can I find précis online? Or if anyone has any good links to Antenna...
  2. johnnycupcakes

    Ex Signals now National Guard Plumber

    Hello all, Just thought I’d share my experiences with joining the American national guard and the differences I’ve seen so far. First off, my background, ex Royal Sigs, did 8 years and married a yank, got out and moved to America in 2020. Thought I was done with the Army until I discovered...
  3. D

    Royal signals trades and phase 2

    Hello all I’m currently looking to transfer over to the royal signals from the infantry I’m interested in a variety of roles they offer including comms system operator , EW , and comms engineer. Just looking for peoples opinions and experiences on above trades. Also does anyone know the full...
  4. tariant90

    CYBER ENGINEER - Royal Signals questions

    Afternoon all, Before I start with my actual questions, a quick back story on me: I joined the Royal Gibraltar Regiment in 2007 and left in 2016, during my 9 ish years served I worked in the Signals Platoon (wing) for around 5 years. Starting off as a Regimental Signaller and finishing as a...
  5. A

    Electronic warfare and signal intelligence

    I'm planning on joining the Royal signals and was looking for more information about the electronic warfare role Thank you
  6. B

    Radio Procedures

    Hi, First off, sorry if this is in the wrong topic category. Didn’t know where would be the most relevant place to ask. Anyway. I’m a bit of a writer, not the best and at the moment it’s only a small group of friends that I’m sharing it with, but it’s a story I’ve had for a while since before...
  7. B

    Help with Royal Signals career choice!

    I have been wanting to join the military for years now. I think now is the right time for me. Just looking for some further information about the Royal Signals - this is the area I think best suits me. The role of Communications Engineer-Systems Engineer appeals to me the most. So just a few...
  8. R

    Comms Engineer / Signals Phase 2 start dates

    Can anyone provide info on phase 2 training start dates? My application is in the works but i have yet to complete by assessments or begin phase 1 training which alone takes 15 weeks i believe. Assuming my 36 week comms engineer course starts in September like most academic courses, I am...
  9. B

    Royal Signals Officer

    I have a computer science degree with 2 years experience in software testing. I'm considering applying for the Royal Signals Officer. Are there much opportunities with cyber, networks software etc. And how would it set me up for future employment after I come out of the army? Would like to...
  10. S

    Electronic warfare.

    Hi, Just looking for a bit more in depth info on 14th signal reg and the role of a electronic warfare operator. Also do all ewops have to be para trained to be in that trade. cheers for any help!!!
  11. P

    Cyber Operator Trade - R Signals

    Good evening ladies and gents. So, just a bit of gen I've heard, R Sigs are going to be creating a new Cyber Operator trade. From the old and bold amongst you, can anyone confirm how gen this actually is? If so, are you able to shed a bit more light onto the situation. Cheers gents.
  12. P

    Cyber Security roles in Royal Sigs.

    Good afternoon ladies and gents, just a quick one: Would anyone be able to inform me on which Sigs regiments / sqns deal with Cyber Security / Information Assurance and all the rest of the jazz. I'm aware of JCU, but as far as I'm aware, the only gen I've seen is that these cyber security type...
  13. P

    Para Reg transferring to Royal Signals (CS Engineer)

    Good evening ladies and gents! Question time. As it stands, I'm currently serving in Para Reg as a full screw, however I am looking to make the jump to Royal Signals as a CS Engineer. However, I am wondering: A) Am I likely to retain my rank throughout re-trading in Phase 2 and post phase 2...
  14. TeamBox

    Joining the Royal Signals

    Hi I am looking to join the Army in the Royal Signals I am looking at Signals Installation Technician or communication systems operator role I was just after a bit of advice, I was just wondering, is this a role where I would be in combat? or is it more of a role where I would be at base most...
  15. TeamBox

    Joining the Army

    Hi I am looking to join the Army, I am looking at Signals Installation Technician, communication systems operator or the Engineer IT systems Operator role I was just after a bit of advice, I see the Royal Signals do an insight course over 5 days? Is this good for getting a bit more knowledge on...
  16. Jcam505

    Royal Engineers or Royal Signals?

    Hello I've been accepted into basic training in November the 14th into the Royal engineers as a heating and plumbing engineer. I was just wondering about the Royal signals is it another option to consider? Specifically I'd be looking at CSE. Id just like to know what jobs you can go into after...
  17. Saban

    R Sigs Communication System Engineer

    Hi, so i've got my assessment centre on the 16th this month. Im not sure how long i will be at harrogate or blandford (for phase2). Is the 23 weeks the total amount of time for both courses? Also is there anything else i will need to know for my interview? Thanks.
  18. pazzer

    I'm joining the signals and have been told it's terrible

    I've gone through my application, chosen my role and all ready to go in as an Electronic Warfare Operator. However, my brother who is currently serving in the Air Corps as a grounds crewman told me it's going to be the most boring role ever due to not currently being in wartime and also because...