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  1. Joshua Slocum

    Balchens Victory

    The loss and rediscovery of an Admiral and his ship Alan Smith has brought together a wide range of research and documents, to bring us the Story of the Victory, when I first picked up the book, I naturally presumed that it was the Victory that rests in Portsmouth, but no, it is in fact a...
  2. Trilby

    British Naval Trawlers and Drifters in two World Wars from the John Lambert Collection

    British Naval Trawlers and Drifters in two World Wars from the John Lambert Collection John Lambert/Steve Dunn Seaforth, 2021 Pp208 A 208-page coffee-table size hardback, this is a finely illustrated work on trawlers and drifters of world wars one and two, arranged around a core of...
  3. Trilby

    Historic Ship Models of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the Kriegstein Collection

    Historic Ship Models of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the Kriegstein Collection, Arnold and Henry Kriegstein, Seaforth, 2021 This finely-illustrated 288 page coffee-table book is in essence a catalogue of the Kriegstein collection of Admiralty and other ship models of the period...
  4. JINGO

    A weekend to Pack. The Fall Of Hong Kong 1940-45.

    A Weekend to Pack. With the first Far East deployment of a Royal Navy Carrier Group in this century it is interesting to take a look back to When Great Britain still had a significant Naval and military presence spread across the globe. This book touches on an aspect of the Second World War...
  5. UnionJack

    The Power and The Glory by Steve R Dunn

    Royal Navy Fleet Reviews from Earliest Times to 2005 I don’t suppose that many people are given the opportunity to write a review about reviews, but this is an opportunity which I am glad to grasp with both hands - or perhaps, to draw on the old maxim, “one hand for myself and one for the ship”...
  6. Flight

    WW1 Naval Blockade of Germany sabotaged by Foreign Office?

    I'm becomming quite a fan of looking into the Foreigner's Office and their ineptitude, though this one truly gasted my flabber. The recently deceased Eric Groves talking about the effectiveness of the blockade in a seminar here, you can get the jist from the first few minutes though some of the...
  7. Auld-Yin

    Groovers on Manoeuvres by Tony Wilton

    Posted on Rum Ration but worth an outing here. I am a sucker for books from guys who tell it as it is (names changed to protect the guilty – sometimes) rather than the dry memoires of a senior officer, and this book does not disappoint. Tony aka Wilts has brought us a few dits of his time in...
  8. BratMedic

    British Naval Intelligence through the Twentieth Century

    An extremely well researched and comprehensive read, but, it is a weighty tome indeed. This account covers just about everything to do with Naval Intelligence you could think of, personnel, incidents, codes, ciphers and general intelligence gathering. There is a brief account of the early...
  9. MoleBath

    The Modern Cruiser

    Our generation would readily assume the cruiser is a naval fixture and fitting. In fact the cruiser as we know it only emerged in the late 1860s as iron hulls supplanted timber. Until then there were battleships of the line, frigates ,corvettes etc of various rates and a plethora of sloops...
  10. Pteranadon

    The Secret Capture: U-110 and the Enigma Story

    Review by pteranadon This is a well written account of the capture of the German submarine U-110 on May 1941. This was possibly one of the most important naval actions of the battle of the Atlantic, with far reaching results. Although U-110 sank on tow, its precious Enigma machine had been...
  11. C

    Can I apply to the army if I’ve been deferred from the navy?

    Hi guys, So back in November of 2017 I tried applying to the navy but was deferred due to self-harm and I’m not allowed to join till November 2020. I was wondering if I would be able to join the army or RAF before that?? Thanks
  12. seaweed

    Home Waters (1914-1918)

    'Dawn off the Foreland - the young flood making/Jumbled and short and steep - 'Black in the hollows and bright where it's breaking -/Awkward water to sweep. '"Mines reported in the fairway,/"Warn all traffic and detain. '" 'Sent up Unity, Claribel, Assyrian, Stormcock, and Golden Gain."'...
  13. seaweed

    After Jutland

    Rear Admiral Goldrick brings to the story insights as a seaman that no landsman could possibly achieve, and is able also to draw on his own Command experience. He is no mean researcher, as shown by his extensive references and bibliography. Consequently what we get is a truly comprehensive...
  14. seaweed

    Mr Midshipman VC

    'They were not rated too young to teach, nor reckoned unfit to guide When they formed their class on Helles' beach at the bows of the "River Clyde"' Kipling, 'The Scholars' 'You may...
  15. seaweed

    Surface Fleet - Sea Command

    One reason why Cunningham was such a successful admiral was that from 1908 onward almost all his appointments had been command appointments at sea. Before WW1 sea command experience was mandatory for promotion to Flag rank. Back in the day, a young chap who went to be a fishhead would have been...
  16. Kromeriz

    Naval stretch

    So Diamond was going to the Gulf to relieve Montrose but has now been tasked to take over SNMG2 from Ocean as Ocean heads to the Caribbean. What becomes of Montrose or her tasking? HMS Diamond relieves HMS Ocean | Royal Navy It is inspiring that we can transport by air, troops and helicopters...
  17. seaweed

    Wartime 16mm silent movie

    Dunkirk evacuation photos show trail of devastation | Daily Mail Online This DM article on Dunkirk opens with a truly fascinating movie which is only partly about that but includes some impressive convoy seatime and other things. Scroll to the first video & enjoy.
  18. Kromeriz

    Lack of platforms receiving attention

    Currently airing on the BBC is the Commons Defence Select Committee report on the woeful lack of platforms that the RN can field. House of Commons - Restoring the Fleet: Naval Procurement and the National Shipbuilding Strategy - Defence Committee Also featuring in the Telegraph, Royal Navy...
  19. 2PWRR

    SRR - Navy or Army officer?

    Evening chaps. Apolagies if I've posted in the wrong section, not posted before. I have a few questions. I am planning on joining either the RN or army as an officer. For the RN my choice would be warfare officer, sub specialising in Mine countermeasures and diving. Divers in the navy are...
  20. Bad CO

    Battle of Jutland - Website & Video

    Just in by email is the following. It's a cracking website and fascinating film. Well worth a few minutes of your time if you have any interest in military history. Unsurprisingly it's very pro-Jellicoe but I guess that isn't really surprising! Nick Jellicoe, the grandson of Admiral Jellicoe...
  21. O

    My Grandad's Salty Dits

    Hello all readers, I recently went to visit my Grandad, Anthony Molloy, an ex-RN and Merchant Seaman who now lives in spain. When not worrying about being deported back to the UK in the event of a 'Leave' vote or being denied his daily tot by my (no-doubt) long-suffering Nan, he writes a heck...
  22. Bad CO

    Aircraft Carrier to Motor Bike

    Forget swords to plowshares. From the depths of the internet I bring you the news that in India the former HMS Hercules (R49), aka INS Vikrant (R11), is set to to be turned into 150cc motorbikes. Of course that makes a pleasant change from our Royal Navy which is turning vast quantities of...
  23. Bad CO

    Sailor Cleared of Voyeurism

    That has to be some sort of contender for least likely thread title of the week ...... Anyway, I'm surprised that this hasn't been picked up on the site. As always with these things it is the little details such as "he can be seen grinning at the camera". Mind you I suspect all is not quite...
  24. Bad CO

    Royal Navy Manning - Extreme Solutions Being Tried

    I think everyone is aware that the Royal Navy has a shortage of engineers which will get worse with the new carriers. The ones that they currently have are being ragged with continuous sea drafts that break even the (pretty horrendous) RN harmony guidelines. I was aware that one solution to...
  25. PE4rocks

    F35 - Money well spent.

    Apparently, huge wadges of moolah are buying something that would give an L85A1 a run for its money in the not-quite-as-planned stakes. Luckily, we are not buying any for 617 Sqn and others then eh? Oh, wait... Washington Times report.
  26. Adjutant

    CVF and Carrier Strike thread

    MOD Post - This is a merge of several CVF/F35 threads. Forum rules apply Guns From The Grauniad: (Richard Norton-Taylor) Britain's troubled and increasingly expensive plan to equip the navy with new aircraft carriers has been plunged into fresh turmoil as ministers consider reversing their...
  27. Crunchie

    Type 26 Frigate I may be a bit dense here, but surely the cheaper option is to just build more of the new Destoyers the RN have spent years developing as the base for this new...