royal navy history

  1. Trick_Boom

    Builds 1:400 Mary Rose

    Thought I would try something different from the aircraft builds. The Mary Rose was a successful warship for Henry VIII for 34 years: almost the entire duration of his reign. The Mary Rose - Favourite Ship of Henry VIIIMary Rose
  2. Themanwho

    Years of Endurance - Life aboard the Battlecruiser Endurance, 1914-16

    I’m most definitely not an expert in naval matters, and other than a teenaged passion for the works of Douglas Reeman (PBUH) and some potluck reading over the years, it’s not an area of military history that has held much fascination for me. As you may imagine I was not exactly thrumming with...
  3. sirbhp

    Churchill's Admiral in Two World Wars:

    Roger Keyes was the archetype of 19th to 20th century Royal Navy officers. A superb seaman, inspiring leader and fearless fighter he immediately caught the eye of senior figures in the naval establishment as well as the up and coming politician, Winston Churchill. The relationship between these...