royal military police

  1. M

    REME or RMP?

    Hello, Just wondering which Corp/Regiment I should go into? Does REME contain alot of soldering compared to RMP and Infantry (like by how much in comparison)? Which one should I pick? And what roles do you recommend? Thank you
  2. J

    Joining the AGC as a Royal Military Police Officer (Is it a good job?)

    I’m currently looking to become an Officer in the Army (I’m 16 atm) more specifically, to join the AGC as a RMP Officer. I’ve always loved the idea of the Army and the Police and when I found out about the RMP, I thought it was a dream job. I could earn great qualifications and a myriad of...
  3. F

    Intake Dates for Royal Military Police

    Never posted on here before so not sure whether the replies are going to be genuine or not but any help would be appreciated haha. So long story I originally applied as an officer last year but that didnt work out so I decided to go in as a solider. My only real choice was Royal Military Police...
  4. Criptek Zeus

    Applying for a different role due to being under-qualified for another? (2 Questions)

    Hi guys, so recently I've been looking at joining the military, whether its the Army, RAF, or Navy (Preferably the Army or RAF, I've never been much of a Navy guy) I've just finished my 3rd year in full time education and have just one more year left however I'd much rather be working full...
  5. G

    Red Caps

    Hi, I'm doing some research for a project and it'd be really helpful to speak to someone who knows the role of the royal military police really well (the army website hasn't been all that helpful in answering some questions). Are there any current/ex-red caps that have a few minutes to spare...