royal marines

  1. Ex Observer

    Tea & Medals - The Defence of South Georgia

    BFBS Tea & Medals have just uploaded an interview with Lt Keith Mills DSC RM and two of the other defenders of South Georgia during the Argentine invasion of 3rd April 1982. I've never seen interviews with the actual defenders, and despite seeing several YouTube videos on the subject, none go...
  2. JINGO

    First in Last Out.

    I have a great respect for the soldierly skills and professionalism of our Royal Marine comrades, but I’m also aware that they, like their USMC brothers, have a very active PR machine. The timing of this book when the RM is desperately trying to reinvent itself and secure its place in the shadow...
  3. T

    4 PARA or RMR

    Hello Gents, new here and after advice. Will probably get smashed for this but, never mind. I'm wanting to join either 4 PARA or RMR. Due to circumstances at home I'm unable to join the regulars. I am in a position where I could definitely commit to reserves though, and probably should have...
  4. O

    Opscore Helmets?

    Hey all - Been abit sick recently so ive found myself browsing the internet Ive been hearing about RMs using opscore helmets and the likes? is this true? I was linked a video and you can clearly see RM's wearings opcore helmets?? I was suggested that it might be members of the boarding teams...
  5. C

    Paras or marines

    Should I join the paras or marines as an officer. I'm exactly 50/50 split between the two and can't decide between airbourne or amphibious. I love a good challenge, and I definitely want to be the best of the best. The ultimate end goal is SAS selection, so maybe one would help better than the...
  6. chuggafugga

    Would Royal Marines eat human flesh as a matter of survival...

    Obviously one for the hole, but in a survival situation, comrades are dead and rations are gone, would commandos eat their comrades if absolutely no other options available as a matter of survival, like in the film Alive
  7. R

    Ironman Bootnecks?

    Coming in hot from Bear Grylls’ instagram I believe I can fly
  8. G

    Marines vs Guards

    I am joining the army/marines soon, I was wondering to join marines (yes I’m aware it’s a navy branch) or Grenadier Guards I don’t mind ceremonial and I don’t mind having little ceremonial duties. Thank you
  9. P

    Will I be drug tested in the RMR?

    No matter what I write I'm gonna get flak for this, I couldn't give a shit I'm just after a legit answer. I've been a silly bastard, I've smoked a bit of weed and I'm wanting to join the reserves while I go through uni and go on to join the regulars once I've graduated, however will I have to...
  10. T

    4 Para or RMR?

    Looking for a bit of advice from anyone who's been in 4 Para or Royal Marines Reserve. Currently in my penultimate year at uni, and considering going for either 4 Para Reserve as an Officer or RMR as Private. (I understand you can't join RMR as an Officer. I've got a few q's if anyone has time...
  11. R

    Failed Army Medical

    I failed the army medical for eczema, because of this I cannot reapply for 3 years. The eczema is now gone so could I join the Royal Marines? Would they know of my failed army medical and not let me join?
  12. M

    Medical history issue when joining the royal marines

    Hello I was born in England, but I moved to Ireland at 6 and have never really gone to the gp in Ireland, only through school to get a jab, so I don't have a history, I once went to the gp in Spain while I was on holiday though, I have gp history from before I moved to Ireland and I plan to go...
  13. IronDuke99

    Para and Royal Marine Recruit courses

    How do the recruit courses for elite British infantry compare between say 1980 and today? What is easier, what harder (if anything)? fitness, shooting skills, general toughening, etc... What has changed and why? Mainly interested in hearing from long service types who can actually compare...
  14. A

    NFA med-discharge from Royal Marines

    I was medically discharged from the royal marines at week 9 of training just last week, it was for having left ankle and knee pain, normally this wouldnt result in a medical discharge but i sprained my ankle over 5 years ago and they saw that on my medical records. The medical officer said its...