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  1. B

    Royal Engineers - trade selection - phase 2 training

    Hi, newbie to this forum and looking for a bit of advice please. My son has just been accepted into the Royal Engineers via AFC Harrogate, he has just been asked to select three trades (phase 2 training) from his allocated trade group list, The trade that he applied for (POM) is his number one...
  2. Clynester

    299 Para Squadron National Troop

    Morning all, I have been looking on this forum and on the Army website and seen that 299 Para Squadron have a National Troop, as well as their regional recruiting. As there’s no RE Reserve unit near me, I am very happy to see this, however people have said that the National Troop is mainly...
  3. R

    Carpentry and Joinery

    Hello. I’m looking into joining the royal engineers as a carpenter. I’ve just finished my 3rd year at college doing carpentry and I have a level 3 diploma in it. I was wondering if I would have to do the carpentry training course with the engineers and do everything I’ve done the last 3 years again.
  4. Clynester

    Royal Engineers National Units

    Hi all, I am looking at moving to Dorset in October for work (I'm a Civil Engineer) and this will coincide with getting a bit more freedom from my previous job. As a result, I was looking at joining the Army Reserve, which I've wanted to do for quite a while. Given my Civil Engineering career...
  5. R

    What do C3S operators do?

    What exactly do c3s/engineer it systems/whatever they're called this week actually do in a regiment? I know there's some old threads about this but need a more recent bit of information. There's not much info available on day to day life and their role in a wider regiment. Cheers
  6. M


    Hi anyone have any decent information on transferring looking to transfer from the infantry to the RE to do joinery I’ve already got a level 1&2 NVQ in Carpentry and joinery from when I was in college before I joined the army just looking to find out what the crack would be with things like...
  7. J

    Draughtsman mechanical and electrical

    Hi I have applied to join the army as a draughtsman electrical and mechanical. Is there any draughtsman on here who can tell me a typical day in the life, where you are based and the likelihood of employment on civvie street after? Many thanks!
  8. J

    Clerk of works

    Hi can someone please try and help me with the progression shown here. Does this mean you have to be that rank to get that qualification or you become that rank once you get the qualification if that makes sense? Many thanks
  9. J

    Engineer trade after leaving

    Hi I am thinking of applying for the army as a plumber. I know this may sound like a stupid question but how much did you use your actual trade in the army and did you keep on top of it? I presume a plumber isn't going to be needed every day on an army base compared to civi street so what would...
  10. M


    I'm thinking of transferring to the royal engineers will I get a choose or preference of where i get based or do i have no chance
  11. Q

    Combat engineering

    Hi sorry if this in the wrong place but I'm looking at joining as either a fabricator or a design draughtsman in the engineers. I just wanted to know what the split between trade activity and combat engineering is for both roles as I like doing both however I dont want to be stuck doing my trade...
  12. M

    33 EOD Regt.

    Want to join RE, specifically 33 EOD but after doing some reading I’ve got the impression that if I join the RE there’s a chance I won’t end up doing what I want to do (EOD). Can someone clarify the process of going from civilian to officer in 33 EOD? Cheers
  13. C

    I want to join the Royal engineers joiner and carpenter

    Hi I want to join the army and learn a trade preferably joiner but I was looking on the website and it said I would need GCSE A-D/9-3 in at least English language, maths and science I have no idea what those are because I left school at 13 to join collage and I done a two year construction...
  14. T

    Basic training intake dates

    Afternoon guys and girls, I am hoping to join the engineers and currently waiting for my AC dates if my medical records are all hunky dory. I was wondering if anyone knew if basic training intakes are on a set rotation e.g. 4 intake per year at pirbright and dated as such, 1.jan 2. april 3.july...
  15. E

    Joining as an officer and aiming for the royal engineers

    Hello, I am currently studying engineering at university and I have been trying to research the actual role and jobs carried out by a royal engineer troop officer however I am struggling to find any detailed infomation on the exact role and jobs they carry out and would like to find out more...
  16. K


    Got deferred from the army for back pain being in my medical history. I attempted to appeal it and got a medical letter from my GP saying I am free from any symptoms regarding back pain and I am fit and healthy to proceed along with the application. Unfortunately this appeal was rejected. Got...
  17. Johnnhoj

    Qualifications gained as Fabricator

    Hi guys, looking to go from Reserve Infantry into a regular role potentially. Anyone have experience with this role as a Fabricator? I'm interested but unsure on what qualifications you'll gain and how long it will take to gain them. Qualifications you 'could' is hardly promising, like saying...
  18. D

    b3 or b1 crib cards wanted.

    Anyone got a set of B1 or B3 crib cards that I can pull off dropbox or similar means please.
  19. First-week.jpg


    The guy with the camera. Dhofar 1974
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    Pick-up from the Hornbeam line. The base at Mughsayl is on the coast and in the background. Dhofar 1974
  21. S

    C3S... What do they do?

    Hi guys/gals, most of the way through my recruitment process, just need to finish 6 weeks of a fitness diary to cover an old injury then I’m being booked onto assessment. I’ve seen a job Engineer IT Systems Op in the RE, also known as a C3S from what I can gather, but I can’t seem to find what...
  22. willsmith3212

    Joining a British Army bomb disposal role

    Before I begin I understand that their is a feud between the Royal Engineers and Ammunition Technicians and this is the basis of my question. I am currently 16 years old and would like a profession in bomb disposal in the British Army. Explosives seem to be a big part of confict today, whether...
  23. Ex-Mil Recruitment

    Construction Team Leaders and Foremen (054jc) – Uganda – Excellent Package

    My Client who is a multi-national structures, logistics and operations company are now seeking expressions of interest from a number of Construction Team Leaders and Foreman for a 2 – 3 month project in Uganda. You will need to have extensive experience leading small teams on practical...
  24. warty_melon

    Forklift Engineers/Fitters/Mechanics/Electricians

    Apologies MODS if I've posted in the wrong area, just trying to help a brother or sister. First job I applied for I got the position, being an amputee this was mega, however I digress, Neckar Forklifts near Windsor are looking for Ex Forces with any experience in Mechanical & Electrical...
  25. M

    170 Infrastructure Support Group if living in Glasgow

    Hi folks, I just moved to glasgow and am looking into joining the reserves as a soldier to make some pals and use my free time productively. My job is in geotechnical assessment mainly to do with the risks of earthquakes and how strongly they could damage infrastructure. I've looked about and...
  26. Michael English

    Where to get records fast before funeral ... MOD or

    Dad died a few days ago aged 92 Raymond William English Royal Engineers 339482. He served from Feb 1945 to Aug 1955 but would say little as many experiences shocked him. While he was 'post war' he served in India, Malaya, Singapore, Burma and Germany. He sank one of our merchant vessels in India...
  27. B


    RE bomb disposal in Malta WW2 to 1979 is to be recognised with a memorial plaque in the capital, Valletta in September 2017. (7300 UXBs dealt with by max 2 officers & 30 men in 2 years in WW2!) Did you or anyone you know serve there? Info at Bomb Disposal Memorial Malta
  28. T

    Fitter RE or Vehicle Mechanic REME?

    Tommy66 Hello, I want to be a vehicle mechanic and have decided to join the Army. The problem is while I am interested in working on smaller vehicles such as Land Rovers, cars etc. My main interest is in plant machinery with hydraulics like diggers, tractors etc. I've read on another thread...
  29. T

    Can vehicle mechanics in the REME work on plant?

    Hello, I want to be a vehicle mechanic and have decided to join the Army. The problem is while I am interested in working on smaller vehicles such as Land Rovers, cars etc. My main interest is in plant machinery with hydraulics like diggers, tractors etc. Is it possible to work on this stuff as...
  30. A

    Joining 23 para regiment ? Questions and advice please

    Hi guys, Been doing a little exploring for my future in the royal engineers soon and was just wondering when we finish trade training and can apply for the choice of joining a regiment ,if I was to select 23 para regiment (and fingers crossed get selected) would I still be in the regiment even...
  31. P

    Military Engineer communications RE

    Hi Can anyone please give advice on this role plse my son just passed his selection up in scotland and has been offered this position as they say he is colour blind even tho the optitians say he isnt so cant be a sparky or fitter .. will he find it exciting or just plane boring will he be out...
  32. M

    Bricklayer or Plant Operator?

    Hi, I've recently joined up to the army and looking to go into the RE, they've told me my AC will be in Feb/March and I have an insight course mid February, I've put my trade choices as 1. Bricklayer and 2. POM 3. Light gunner I'm the RA (the recruiter said to choose something else) I'm 23 years...
  33. A

    C3S Royal Engineers (Advice and help)

    Hi guys, I have recently passed selection with a grade A and have decided to go down the Royal engineers side (C3S for my trade) however I was just wondering if there are any of you who can give me some more information on this trade, some up to date 2016 info lol, as I see most discussions are...
  34. TeamBox

    Joining the Royal Engineers

    Hi I am looking to join the Army, in the Royal Engineers I am looking at the Engineer IT Systems Operator role I was just wondering, is this a role where I would be in combat? or is it more of a role where I would be at base most of the time? I understand it's difficult to answer, just trying...
  35. TeamBox

    Joining the Royal Engineers

    Hi I am looking to join the Army, in the Royal Engineers I am looking at the Engineer IT Systems Operator role I was just wondering, is this a role where I would be in combat? or is it more of a role where I would be at base most of the time? I understand it's difficult to answer, just trying...
  36. TeamBox

    Joining the Army

    Hi I am looking to join the Army, I am looking at Signals Installation Technician, communication systems operator or the Engineer IT systems Operator role I was just after a bit of advice, I see the Royal Signals do an insight course over 5 days? Is this good for getting a bit more knowledge on...
  37. Jcam505

    Royal Engineers or Royal Signals?

    Hello I've been accepted into basic training in November the 14th into the Royal engineers as a heating and plumbing engineer. I was just wondering about the Royal signals is it another option to consider? Specifically I'd be looking at CSE. Id just like to know what jobs you can go into after...
  38. J

    Royal Engineers Recruitment Questions

    Hi, Can someone tell me if you are required to take the TST if you're applying for the Plaster/painter trade within the Royal Engineers? I was unsure because when I was sent the table with all the scores required for certain trades, the plaster trade wasn't on there? Thanks in advance.
  39. H

    Am I the only mong that doesn't get NEM for re?

    Just got selected for my lance jack, no congratulations necessary. Was looking at the abn and the pay 16 page and cannot make heads or tales of it concerning what OR rate il be going onto when I post into Malta troop at Gib (treat ya sen) . If anyone's reading this who could help, or just leave...
  40. M

    Which trades are in field squadrons?

    I ideally want to be in a field squadron when I soon join because of the combat engineering. I'm hoping to either become an armoured farmer or POM. Im just curious, which trades are most common in field squadrons, it won't affect my choices but I'm just curious.