royal artillery

  1. J

    Changing Role in phase 1

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me understand the rules and process of changing Roles/Cap badge during phase 1 training. I’m set to start intake in February in the RA at Winchester but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that or go into infantry. If during phase 1 I decide I know for...
  2. Captain_Crusty

    Alan Brooke: Churchill's Right-Hand Critic

    Lord Alan Brooke was the Chief of the Imperial General Staff (CIGS) throughout the majority of WW2. He was Churchill's key military adviser, yet few, outside of the military or academia, have heard of him. Little has been written about him, specifically, previously and historians writing about...
  3. Captain_Crusty

    Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars - A Concise Dictionary 1792 - 1815

    Kevin F Kiley is a retired US Marine Corps artillery officer who has written a number of other books on Napoleonic artillery and generals. This book, though, is his magnus opus. It is exactly what it says on the cover - a dictionary of everything you need to know about the artillery during the...
  4. D

    What should I join?

    Hi, I have just completed my assessment centre and got a 7.8 on the bleep test which is good enough to get into anything apart from infantry I was hoping to get into infantry but didn't make it, what is the closest regiment or role to infantry? I'm thinking about Royal Artillery but wondering is...
  5. W

    Anyone starting basic training at ATR Winchester January 17th 2021

    I'm joing the Royal artillery and start my first phase of basic training on the 17th of january 2021 at ATR Winchester. Is there anyone else one here joining at this date?
  6. C

    Possibly transfer for 7RHA to para

    Hello, I am about to join 7 para RHA once I finish phase 2, only about 2 weeks left here at larkhill. This isn’t something I’m too bothered about or even something I want to do I’m just enquiring to see if it would be possible or if anyone knows if, once you’ve done p coy and your jumps...
  7. N

    HAC or 29 commando

    Torn about which job role to put down during phase one just awaiting a date at the moment for Intake to the royal artillery. I have read up on both 29 Cdo and honourable artillery company the surveillance patrol soldier is the role I want to take up Ino 148 are similar to the 4/73 my question is...
  8. Gunnergrandad29

    52nd field unit Royal artillery 1941-45

    Hi everyone. I have just been given this picture of my grandad who served in the 52nd. I am assuming this picture was taken during his time in Italy. Sorry for the quality it's a scan of a copy and resized for the upload limit on this site. I hope someone can find a relative of theirs on it...
  9. Gunnergrandad29

    Help with my grandads records

    Hi everyone. I am hoping you can help me, I have been trying to trace details of my grandad who died before I was born. Nearly all of my photos of him are whilst in the army. Only recently I have got his service records from Glasgow and I am trying to find out where he served etc. Using his...
  10. K

    New fitness tests.

    After seeing the 'new'(ish) fitness tests, and being just about to go through with an application, I'm left with two questions. 1. How hard would you say they are compared to the previous tests? 2. Would they apply to the royal artillery regiment? (The role I'm hoping to get into is Gunner- STA...
  11. Captain_Crusty

    Gunfire! British Artillery in World War II

    Stig Moberg served for many years as a Reservist artillery officer in Sweden. In the early 2000s he was prompted to choose the Royal Artillery in World War Two as the subject of a book after discovering how many archives were available in the UK. He published the book in Swedish originally and...
  12. C

    want to transfer regiment (artillery)

    does anyone still serving or who has recently left the artillery know which is best regiment within wiltshire, currently in 1st RHA and it is shit, don't want to sign off yet but i don't want to spend anymore time in this regiment as i've been here 4 years and have not enjoyed 1 day. was...
  13. MoleBath

    Allenby's Gunners . Artillery in the Sinai & Palestine Campaigns

    The Sinai and Palestine campaigns of 1916-1918 are well off the general knowledge radar screen , the coming Armistice celebration and recent media coverage has been western front orientated. The Lawrence of Arabia film is well in the past and the Middle East resounds to more recent fighting...
  14. S

    Special Gunfire Observer Specialisations

    I saw prior to the recreation of the British Army's website, some of the Special Gunfire Observer's specialisations, however I'm closer than ever to making my decision and was wondering aside from Naval Gunfire Observer if there are any good specialisations or any worthwhile jobs you could do, I...
  15. H

    Recruitment, Roles and Intelligence

    Hey, first off sorry if this isn't the best place to post this but I've got a few questions about some of the roles and recruitment for the Royal Artillery. To begin which just what's some of the main differences between 148 battery (29 commando) and 4/73 Sphinx Special observation post...
  16. R

    Transfer to 47 RA

    Hello, I'm currently a lcpl in an infantry battalion and since finishing juniors have decided that I would like a job change 47 appealed to me before I went down to Wales so I'm looking for some information on the transfer process before I make my intentions known to my battalion, thanks.
  17. wolfbolt

    TJB HAC 105 Polo Invitational 2017

    Now that's what I call HAC Polo 7!... ok its the 7th year its happened! Saturday 2nd Sept 2017. Gates Open at 11:00 Its Back for the seventh year and this time all three HAC Polo teams - Regiment, Veterans and Saddle Club - will be in action this year at the TJB HAC 105 Polo Invitational at...
  18. B

    I've been offered a job as a special OP, should i take it?

    Ive done my barb test today and i was told i should go for a special observer, is it something i should consider because i cant find as much information on it as other roles. My other job i had on mind was infantry then later recce but I'm hanging fire on that.
  19. P

    Gunner crewman to UAV pilot whats the chance after the phases

    Hi all My lad has passed his selection and now thinking about changing his option to gunner crewman as this is the only way to get to be a UAV pilot (drone) . If he does his phase 1 n 2 what will be his chances if he does ok through them is it hard to get in and do it ? He is also cp3 colour...
  20. M

    Joining the Royal Artillery as a woman

    Hello, First time posting so hopefully I've posted on the right forum. So I plan on joining the royal artillery, got to pass selection atm, anyway I'm a she, do women get treated the same as men when doing the jobs? I'm going for the light gunner, just waned to know what's life as a light gunner...
  21. Y

    Regimental insight course - Bovington - 7/11/16

    First time poster - Just going through the process of joining up. Working hard on my run times, Going on a Regimental insight course on 7/11/16. Anyone else going? Trying to make my mind up between the Royal Artillery and the Royal Armored. Anyone served and give me any ideas of what they are...
  22. Black Sheep

    New use for 105mm and a specialist artillery unit

    Boeing Wants Artillery To Fight Forest Fires Mothballed 105mm and units from 100 RA could be brought out of suspended animation?? Hahahahah I know I know. Still love the idea!
  23. T

    Light gunner or observation?

    Instead of going cavalry, I'm going to the gunfuckers, min issue is which role, I've got my eyes set on light gunner or observer. Could I have some advice on this and also could I change if I wanted to?
  24. M

    RA-MLRS need information PLEASE

    I'm rejoining the army and the job role I'm going for is 'rocket system gunner' as stated on the army jobs website, which is the MLRS, Royal Artillery. Their website is out of date for that job. If anyone has information on where the job is based, and if I can actually apply for that role as a...
  25. D

    Unmanned Aircraft Operator Recruiting?

    Hi All, I'm looking at joining the Army as a soldier after finishing my A-Levels and after going into my careers officer, it was suggested that I find 2 or 3 roles for application, so have been looking on the site etc. I came across the UAO role which seems to fit what I'm looking for pretty...
  26. Skr.69

    RA or RE Junior Entry

    Im currently in my applicaton process for the army, its something ive been wanting to do all my life and my interview to go to AFC Harrogate is next week. However, i cannot decide between joining the Royal Engineers or the Royal Artillery. Im aware if i go down the RA route i will have to do a...