royal armoured corps

  1. JockScot

    Royal Scots DG's Tankies or Light Cavalry?

    Finally passed my medical with the Army and I am no going ahead with my selection. My first choice Regiment was for the Royal Tank Regiment as I had assumed from the Army's website :Light Cavalry careers - British Army Website That the Scots DG's were no longer an armoured regiment. However in...
  2. J

    SCOTS DG Officer

    Hello all, I'm currently looking into my options in joining the Armed Forces, I've been researching all three forces and several regiments within the Army. I've been repeatedly drawn to the SCOTS DG because of their history, unique uniform, role and my fondness for highland culture (I find the...
  3. K

    Regimental initiations- past and present ?

    Hey guys, Just passed selection and I'm currently waiting for a medical issue to be approved or declined and then that's me off to phase 1. Wanting to join the RDGs and I recently bumped into a guy I know who mentioned something about regimental initiations and it got me thinking. Does anyone...
  4. Y

    Regimental insight course - Bovington - 7/11/16

    First time poster - Just going through the process of joining up. Working hard on my run times, Going on a Regimental insight course on 7/11/16. Anyone else going? Trying to make my mind up between the Royal Artillery and the Royal Armored. Anyone served and give me any ideas of what they are...
  5. G

    Advice for the RAC.

    Hi, i have recently looked at the RAC role and wondered, if i was to make that my choice, what regiment is best suited to me? i am hoping to find a regiment that is deployed a lot, or, the front line area, which regiment should i be looking at? Thanks.