roman army

  1. Themanwho

    Military History of Late Rome

    Written by Finnish historian Ilkka Syvanne , this book details the turmoil in the Roman Empire through the prism of the Army and Navy between 395AD and 425 AD, and is the third in a series of five books covering Roman military history from the late 3rd century to the mid-7th century. It happily...
  2. Auld-Yin


    This is a well researched book which studies the Roman Soldier, how he was recruited, paid, led and how he retired. While battles do form, part of life their service was not just one battle after another, so this looks at the life of the soldier. Much of what remains is written by officers but...
  3. Auld-Yin

    Leading the Roman Army

    This book is based on a thesis the author wrote for his PhD, one which was obviously successful as he is now Dr Jonathan Eaton. The book retains much of the style of a thesis in that it is very well annotated with a good index and bibliography. However, the author has taken the thesis and turned...
  4. M

    Aurelian and Probus

    The Roman Empire in the West officially lasted for just over 500 years: from 27 BC, when Augustus was formally inaugurated as the first Emperor, until 476 AD, when Romulus Augustulus, the last Emperor, was forced to abdicate. There will always be disagreement about the precise dating: arguably...