1. T

    Is 26 too old to be going to Sandhurst?

    I have received an offer to attend the regular commissioning course at Sandhurst but I am concerned about how I will be viewed because of my age. Upon arrival at Sandhurst I will be 26 and will be 27 by the time I commission. I am fairly fit, currently finishing a degree, and have no ties or...
  2. Captain_Crusty

    Habit of Excellence

    Langley Sharp is the head of the Centre for Army Leadership, part of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. The Centre for Army Leadership is 'responsible for championing leadership excellence across the British Army'. As such Sharp would appear to be eminently well-suited to opine on Army...
  3. KnightsofRowallan

    The Elite Leadership Course: Life at Sandhurst by Garry McArthy

    FEEL THE STAG! I will admit to wanting to like this book and I will declare that I had a vested interest as a “RoCo” survivor; heightened by the fact that the events in this book took place after I passed RoCo but was still at the Academy. Although the names are changed I certainly know who some...
  4. E

    Can a Nigerian join the UK army through commonwealth?

    Hello everyone, I’m Nigerian by nationality and I would like to ask if I can join the uk army? If yes, I need to know the process and what I’ll need
  5. Bobby_Bert

    Army Officer online presentations.

    The Army Officer Recruitment Team will soon be hosting regular online presentations. These events will give you the opportunity to find out more about officer training and life beyond Sandhurst. The presentations will typically last for one hour via Zoom. There are no pre-requisites for...
  6. MTALead

    RMAS Recruitment & Regiment Questions

    Hi, if anyone would be able to assist me with these questions regarding RMAS it'd be greatly appreciated. Since I have lived in Malta since birth, would I still be able to apply when I move to the UK? I hold a British passport (British Citizen). When I graduate university this April with BSc...
  7. oppoStu

    AOSB Main Board - Everything You Need To Know

    Previously been through the process once before, did some research on it to find a detailed diary. There is currently no "Main Board" diaries on ARRSE, only 1 briefing diary and a few other people who have provided little bits of information. So I thought I would share the information I have...
  8. G

    RMAS Insight Day or RAF OASC?

    I am applying for a commission in both the RAF and Army, currently leaning towards Army, but have been given my RAF OASC date on the same day as the Insight Day at Sadhurst. Any advice from anyone, particularly on how worthwhile the Insight Day is? I will need to rearrange one, however the...
  9. J

    Officer retention question

    Hi, a question that has bugged me for a while and I am not certain of the answer - I have friend and friends of friends who are or have been in the army as both soldiers and officers. Why is it that the vast majority of officers only seem to stay in for 2-4 years? Training and kit and all that...
  10. NootNootAF

    Reserve Soldier to Officer

    Hi, I'm wondering has anyone been through this process and can let me know if you start Officer training on Mod B as you've already completed Phase 1? Thanks.
  11. The Angry Peanut

    Medical - Cannabis

    Hi all, Had a medical ahead of my AOSB a couple weeks ago and the Dr said they needed a bit more info about a past injury, no biggie. However i did admit to having smoked cannabis a couple of times a couple years ago (during freshers). Will that affect my application? I asked them if it would...
  12. M

    Army Officer intake January 2018

    Hi all, New to the forum! Looking for people who are hoping to gain a place on the January 2018 RMAS intake and want to do some prep or swap/compare for the up and coming assessments? Just reply to this post and we can go from there.... But about myself, I was a Police Officer for four years...
  13. J

    Officer Briefing Day

    After squawking in the shadows, it’s now time to ask a question myself. I have my Officer Briefing Day coming up in a few weeks’ time, which is essentially the ACA interview with a few additional extras … Could those with experience give me any advice/ preparation tips please. I am happy...
  14. M

    RMAS Advice

    Good Morning All, I have my briefing and main board coming up in the same week in May. I have a few questions I was hoping to get answers too if possible, I have had a good look around and cannot seem to find any threads that are relevant. I have been given a provisional start date for RMAS...
  15. Slippers948

    Shin Splints

    Yes I know there are plenty of threads on the old ARRSE about shin splints, however I cannot seem to find one about suffering from shin splints at Sandhurst. I'm currently on track for Sandhurst in Sept, with my main board quickly approaching. One thing I'm sh**ing it about is getting shin...