1. A

    RLC Driver/comms or Household Cav?

    Evening all, My husband is struggling between RLC driver/comms and household cav. He’s 32 and a civvie HGV class 1 driver currently and wanting to rejoin. Everyone has advised him against infantry due to his age but just wondered what people’s opinions are or experiences of the job roles...
  2. L

    RLC Driver - Training

    Evening gentleman, I just have a few questions regarding the training for reservist RLC Drivers and was hoping you could help me out. 1. Do reservist RLC Drivers complete the same trade training as full-time regulars? 2. Do reservist RLC Drivers obtain all the licences the full-time regular...
  3. S

    Ammunition Technician Testing Board

    Hi there, I've recently passed my assessment at Pirbright with the intention of joining as a Ammo Tech for the RLC. I'm just waiting for my ATTB Assessment at kineton and i'm curious on what to expect and to research. any help would be much appreciated.
  4. C


    19yo female recently been looking into roles so I’m prepared when I visit the Army centre and know roughly what regiment I’m aiming to work towards. Read over The British Army website and other sources mulitiple times but can’t seem to find clear answers to my questions so here I am. Cut a long...
  5. B

    Transfer from The RAC to RLC Movement Controller

    Evening all, I've been in the RAC for 14 years and I've just put a transfer to the RLC as a Movement Controller. I'm searching for as much information as I can, so when I go for the assessment day interview and then to phase 2 I can speak confidently and clearly about what it is ill be doing...
  6. warty_melon

    Forklift Engineers/Fitters/Mechanics/Electricians

    Apologies MODS if I've posted in the wrong area, just trying to help a brother or sister. First job I applied for I got the position, being an amputee this was mega, however I digress, Neckar Forklifts near Windsor are looking for Ex Forces with any experience in Mechanical & Electrical...
  7. Tappet

    Custom Desk Tidy

    Hello good folk of Arrse, I'm in the market to commission a custom desk tidy for my brother, and don't really know where to start. I'd like to incorporate a brass plaque - formerly one of the door 'push' plates (5-6" tall/wide once cut down) from the guardroom at Buller Barracks - it was...
  8. W

    RLC female Officer Mess dress for sale-size 8

    Female RLC mess dress-apx size 8/10 In very good condition-Capt pips.
  9. manchesterutd


    Has any fellow ARRSE member done UK MT SNCO job in the Middle East like Qatar, Turkey etc etc. if yes, PROS and CONS of the Job would be highly appreciated as I got a choice between CQMS for decompression in Cyprus or UK MT SNCO in the middle East. I know this sounds sad but I would rather do...
  10. R

    17 port and maritime

    Hi there I'm looking into the regiment as I been in the army for 4 years now and want to try something new and closer to home. But I can't find a lot of information about 17 port and maritime other then the Mod sites. Can anyone on here..