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  1. Rotten Chompers

    Rifles Reserve - Courses

    Hi Everyone, I'm interested in joining the Army Reserve. The Rifles have stood out for me because of the variety of bases and roles they carry out. As a soldier in the Army Reserve (Rifles in particular) what kind of courses are available to complete and how long would I be looking at serving...
  2. A


    My first time on this forum, I’m here because I’m in the process of applying. I’ve still not been given my assessment centre date, my first choice was the parachute regiment. However I’m having some issues with my fitness levels, my 2KM Run time as of now is 8:20secs and I can barely run 2...
  3. E

    Canadian DND dictates RIFLEMAN rank/title “too gender specific”

    Comrades of the Black Mafia, Be advised that the WOKE and PC Brigade of the Canadian Department of National Defence has recently pressured our fellow Rifle regiments to desist from using the Rank/Term of “RIFLEMAN” . They declared that this term was too GENDER SPECIFIC ...... suggesting that the...