1. Captain_Crusty

    The SAS in Rhodesia: We Dared to Win

    'The SAS in Rhodesia: we dared to win' is a fascinating collection of first hand accounts of the Rhodesian SAS during the Rhodesian War. The author is Hannes Wessels (author of A Handful of Hard Men) who has teamed up with Andre Scheepers, who served as both a trooper and an officer within the...
  2. mercurydancer

    Spider Zero Seven

    Its a distinctly strange book. Not that Mike Borlace is making anything up, its just a bit odd. Less eloquent than Chickenhawk or Snake Pilot. He calls his (male) dog Doris and took him on sorties. No reflection on how he became a pilot, or why, or anything else much. Apart from the short two...
  3. D

    Info on the Grey Scouts

    I've recently been talking to a gentleman about his service within the Grey Scouts and it seems we have kind of hit it off. Is there a specific Grey Scout Association within the UK which I could get some more info about his service history and also are there any accurate books on the Scouts...