1. Scottyhardstyle

    RGMD that is in date

    Hey guys, would love some help and info. Back last year (2018) I applied to join as a reserve. So I went through the process and completed my assessment etc. I was then told Litchfield had to wait for my RGMD; I waited and then received a letter saying my application was reject due to a...
  2. C

    RGMD - Claw toe

    I’m about to hand my RGMD into my GP and I have a concern around an operation I had on a ‘claw toe’ in 2009. I know at the time the surgeon explained that the army do not usually let people join with a claw toe but has this changed? I’ve never had any issues with it even with regular long...
  3. T

    Failed RGMD for false reasons.

    Got a message through the portal saying I had failed the medical that the GP had to send off. On the message it says I failed due to headaches I had at the start of the year, because I was receiving ongoing medication. I could partially understand that, however I am not on any medication from...
  4. C

    Appeal for lower back pain against rejection, anyone one had any success?

    I was absolutely gutted to receive a rejection for the info on the RGMD. I'm considering an appeal and wondered if anyone had any joy? Here's the backstory: Back in sept 2014 I was doing some serious exercise to get myself fit for rejoining the reserve. While doing a few back squats my lower...
  5. D

    medical appeals

    Hi I'm looking to join the rifles battalion but my medical declaration got denied due to me get treated for asthma once when I was a year old and given a pump. I never after that used a pump every again and didn't even know I had it until my rgmd got rejected. I haven't used a pump in over four...
  6. M

    Appealing twice for the same thing

    Hi After my online medical questionaire I was rejected for an S8 condition on JSP950 which I successfully appealed. The army rejected me again on the same grounds after receiving my RGMD, which my CSM and I thought was very strange, but he told me to go ahead with another appeal but in more...