1. M


    Hi anyone have any decent information on transferring looking to transfer from the infantry to the RE to do joinery I’ve already got a level 1&2 NVQ in Carpentry and joinery from when I was in college before I joined the army just looking to find out what the crack would be with things like...
  2. D


    Hi everyone I'm currently in the reme and looking to retrade to TSS I've not been in unit long can I do this as I have a return of service dose the return of service just get added up as I'm not leaving the core?
  3. Noob1

    Joined as a Chef but having second thoughts

    I joined the army and started my phase 1 in September 2019 and have been at Leconfield since December doing my phase 2 and have enjoyed my time in the army so far and awaiting to go on to do my Chef course at worthy downMy Dad served in the Infantry for 20+ years and that’s what encouraged me to...