1. dollsz

    Reserves Joining Query

    Hi all, Ex Full time Comms System Operator and considering joining reserves. I'm wondering will I have to go through all the assessment stage being ex signals ( toured Herrick 18 with 1RRF etc ) and wanting to join a local signals unit? Cheers
  2. F

    Any farmers in the Army Reserve currently?

    Any farmers in the Army Reserve currently? How do you handle the time requirement? I'm keen to join but worried as my working pattern is all over the place. Cheers
  3. A

    Waiting on assessment centre...what is next?

    Hi, I am applying to be a Reserve Officer in the Intelligence Corps. Currently, I am waiting to book my assessment centre, which should be complete in the coming days and set for a July date. Assuming I was to pass this, it is my understanding that, chronologically; More background checks on...
  4. F

    RAF(R) and AR

    Good evening, I am starting a degree in Paramedic Science (BSc) and towards the end, I wish to join the reserves as a medic alongside a role in the NHS. I'm aware multiple people do this. I want to focus more on being a flight medic and going down that route rather than being a combat medic. My...
  5. K

    Army reserve, worth a shot.. or stay in my lane?

    Hello, I’ve trawled the internet looking for people in the same situation as me and haven’t come across anything as of yet so thought I’d ask here! I’m 24, a single mum currently living with parents and my 3yr old son. I’m not currently working. When I was younger I wanted to be in the army and...
  6. sanjeeanand

    P8 due to past 1 off episode of Kidney Stone. Likelihood of Level 1a appeal?

    Hi troops! So I got a P8 for a one off episode of a Kidney stone back in 2016. It was a microscopic one and got CT Scanned. The Doctor said it was due to lack of fluids and i’ve never had it before or ever since. Been advised to get a letter from my GP to say I'm fine and a up to date CT Scan to...
  7. C

    Questions about UOTC, Sandhurst and HCav

    I've been looking in to the specifics of joining the army a lot recently as I'm off to uni in October. ARRSE seems to have been the best informed place on the internet to get answers to some questions, and plenty of the threads I've read through have been super helpful. But I'm still left with a...
  8. M

    Are 4 PARA respected?

    Hi Guys, I was considering joining 4 PARA as it seemed like a really good challenge and much harder than the other reserves (except RMR) to gain entry but I was wondering as an ex regular we use to give the TA a hard time and didn’t really respect them to much back in the earlier 2000’s. Just...
  9. S

    Army Reserve moving to Canada

    Hello! First time posting so apologies if I’ve missed the thread where this is already answered. I’m a new army reserve and also work full time with another company. That company is looking to relocate me to Toronto, Canada which is a dream of mine but as a new army reserve, I’m keen to stay...
  10. S

    Prescription steroids

    Purely out of curiosity. Ex army, currently re-applying for Army Reserves. Recently found out I MAY need to go onto Testosterone Replacement Therapy due to low test. If this happens, I will be on prescription test, and I am wondering if this will prevent me from re-joining, whether it needs...
  11. Bras19

    Reserve fitness?

    So I am going to join reserves, but I am waiting to get my weight down first, as worried they will say no ect. However, my friend who is around 13.5stone (not much muscle) (works on cardio 2x a week) applied, got through tests ect and meetings and passed all that. (I’m 5ft2, 12.5st, good...
  12. Q

    How long until fully trained and potentially deployable?

    Hello Everyone, I'm In the process of applying for the Army Reserve - meeting the unit i want to join next week (intelligence) and have an appointment with the GP to fill out/send off the medical forms booked in. I'm probably getting ahead of myself here, but if everything goes well and i get...
  13. S

    Reserves, VTOD, LSA and Ops continued....

    Good evening, I’m posting this thread as a continuation to a previous thread (with a similar title) in hopes of getting further answers. My present situation is this; Myself and a fellow squaddie are reserve soldiers currently attached to a regular battalion on force protection operations in...
  14. P

    Leaving ranks and joining officer

    Hi I was wondering if it possible that after joining as a private as a combat medical technician, after one or two years leaving and then re-joining as an officer in military police or as an intelligence officer?
  15. C

    Reserve Uniform

    Out of interest, do Army Reservists get issued with a Number 2 Dress Uniform? Many thanks
  16. arrakis

    Reservist mobilisation query

    Hello, I'm looking to join the Army Reserves as an officer after I finish university. There are some questions I have which I haven't been able to find the answers to after doing some research. Aside from employer rights (to apply for deferral or exemption of call-outs), what rights does a...
  17. T

    Medical - Previous Depression and S8

    Hey all, Firstly, I know this has come up on numerous threads which I have searched through and read. So apologies for another similar thread which no doubt will touch on similar comment/situations made by others. However, I wanted to see if things have changed or if depression is being...
  18. C

    PFA before alpha

    Just curious as to whether or not anyone else in the infantry reserves had to pass a PFA before they could go on their alpha?
  19. M

    170 Infrastructure Support Group if living in Glasgow

    Hi folks, I just moved to glasgow and am looking into joining the reserves as a soldier to make some pals and use my free time productively. My job is in geotechnical assessment mainly to do with the risks of earthquakes and how strongly they could damage infrastructure. I've looked about and...
  20. S

    Questions Before Signing-up First Time

    Hi! I've read ARRSE before but never actually had to post, I'm 18 and I've been looking at joining the reserves to fill in my spare time (My college BTEC Architecture course is only Mon/Tue and my gf is flexible). I'm down in Dorset and am lucky to have many facilities close by (Bovington camp...
  21. P

    Para Reg to Int Corps Reserves

    Good evening all, As it stands I'm due to leave the Army end of this month after nearly 9 years, however, I've had a change of heart about cutting my ties with the Army all together and have decided to join the Int Corp Reserves. For a few reasons, the main one being that I'm going to be...
  22. F

    Injury 'Runners knee' 3 weeks before Phase 1 Alpha - Advice needed

    Evening all - It's been 3.5 months since passing ADSC and due to attend Ph1 Alpha in less than 3 weeks time, fitness upto top form....BUT I've gone and ball'sed it right up by overtraining and I've developed runners knee (chondromalacia/PPFS/pain behind knee cap). Physio has prescribed rest...
  23. Lswaldron

    Medical Rejected for The Army Reserve.

    I have been trying to join the Army Reserve and I went through the medical screening with the online questionnaire and then the medical review via GP. The GP confirmed that my medical is of true and I am fit to join the Reserve. Weeks later, I get a letter from the medical board rejecting my...
  24. A

    Annual Tax Free Bounty, Reserve, Pro -Rata????

    Hi, So something I thought would be reasonably straight forward has not been and 2-3 hours DII access once every week has not gleaned any answers. I completed my regular career last year and joined the reserves part way through the new financial year. I have a decent SPSI who got me on the...
  25. G

    Height requirements for INT CORPs roles

    Hi everyone, Are there any height restrictions for any of the INT CORPs roles? If so, what are they? If there are no official requirements then are there INT CORPs roles that lend themselves well to shorter soldiers? P.s. Apologies if this is a repeated topic; I did search beforehand but...
  26. C

    your time as reserves

    I have been a reserve for some time and I am writing a dissertation for university about people's time as reserves so need data from fellow and former reserves its a short survey of 11 short questions and everything is anonymous. click the link to take you to the questionnaire. Microsoft Forms
  27. S

    advice re online medical form

    Hey guys, I have tried to search for an answer to my question prior to posting this. I apologise if its been covered and ive missed it. Ive just completed my medical form, and answered all questions as honestly as I can. The worry I have is, The question about public health, specifically...
  28. E

    Do reserves actually spend 27 days a year?

    I am considering the reserves to have a career as an engineer as well as in the reserves. Do the reserves get called up for training as little as mentioned or do you get deployed randomly to serve for say 6 months?
  29. Y

    Medical Question

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I'll try my luck. I just applied to the British Army Reserves in hoping to become a REME Weapons Systems Engineer. My worry is that they might not let me on because when I was 15, I had 2 random epileptic seizures in the space of 4...
  30. G

    Reserve Officer Promotion upon transfer from the Regulars

    Hi all, Firstly, just to say apologies for the intricate J1-ness of the post, and thanks for whoever can help me with this. First post on this forum (although regular peruser) and I have seen a related thread get shot down for being horrendously careerist but here goes... I am a Captain with...
  31. DeclynS

    Reserve CMT Training

    Ive just got my selection dates through and my first job role is a CMT after searching for a good few hours online and speaking to the recruitment team at the unit im joining I cannot find anything on CMT Trade Training. If possible can you detail where it is, how long it is and what it...
  32. wolfbolt

    TJB HAC 105 Polo & Saraghari Cup 2016

    Yes, its a bit of a mouthful... but Arse members will be pleased to hear that one of the biggest social events The Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) organises with in excess of a thousand members of the Regiment, Company and public regularly in attendance is firmly back in the calendar for...
  33. W

    Nasal polyp, can I really not join?

    Hey fellas. Apparently I won't be able to join the army reserves because I have a nasal polyp? I was told I have one when I was about 11/12, but I can't see how its an issue. It doesn't affect me in anyway except sometimes my sense of smell isn't great... I'm hoping it's not a black and white...
  34. C

    AOSB Pass - Graduate Careers

    Knowledgeable many; there's been a number of reports of graduate recruiters who will offer those with an AOSB pass an automatic pass at the 1st stage interviews. Does anyone have any evidence to support these reports?
  35. W

    Joining the TA whilst on meds for Depression?

    First point : I have searched the other threads for the answer but they were all full of grumpy ********* telling the poster to search the other threads and posts encouraging suicide. Feel free to post either if it makes you happy, but I doubt it benefits anyone Ok cheers – I have been on...
  36. M

    TA medical versus regular medical

    Alright lads, I've been lurking for a while now and still haven't found an answer. I'm hoping to join the Intelligence Corps Reserves during uni (which for me will start in September), and then transfer to the regs after finishing my degree. My fitness and mental ability are both good, but...
  37. S

    Reserve to regular

    Looking for some clarification here folks or maybe even some clear info. I've been in the reserves for nearly 3 years and through a lot of hard work time away etc managed to get to lcpl and VM class 2. I am now looking to transfer into regs but no one seems to have a definitive answer on...
  38. O

    Medical discharge from University Officer Training Corps

    Hello, long term browser and new user of the site here for some help (hopefully!). I was a member of the UOTC and an Army undergraduate bursar during my time at university. I injured my left ankle in 2013 on exercise on a reserve course at Sandhurst. I was hospitalised and x-rayed, but didn't...
  39. M


    Well, where do I start?? I have recently been given my RGMD back from the docs, basically saying I had depression and was dependant on coke. I had gone to the doctor about this confidentially and confidently in March last year. Reason for this spout was due to the fact I was travelling and...
  40. S

    Reserves to Regulars (Midway through Process)

    Hello, I couldn't find this anywhere else but if it has been posted before please link me to it. Basically, I am at the Medical form stage of my application for the Reserves but have to wait till May to do my selection etc due to only being 17. After a few weeks of pondering on my full time...