reserves medical

  1. JimboSliceNI

    Laser Eye Surgey to correct bad vision????

    Morning Chaps need some advice if possible , I am currently putting in an application for the reserves and my eyesight does not meet the minimum requirements of +6 to -6 and i was denied before on these grounds. I have waited 6 months so my name isnt fresh in the system , I am booked in to...
  2. scottyhighstyle

    Army reserve medical discharge policy

    Hey guys I'm curious to know the policy within the army reserve when it comes to getting medically discharged. Do you need to ask for a medical discharge or can the reserve discharge you? And if so, how can they unless they go through your doctor to find out what's on your record. Do the...
  3. ganonville

    Joining the reserves as a paramedic.

    Was looking for some advice regarding reserves recruitment. I am an NHS student paramedic currently and therefore once qualified would like to join as a professionally qualified paramedic officer. However, I am still training and will not be qualified until 2021. I am not sure what my best...
  4. M

    TA medical versus regular medical

    Alright lads, I've been lurking for a while now and still haven't found an answer. I'm hoping to join the Intelligence Corps Reserves during uni (which for me will start in September), and then transfer to the regs after finishing my degree. My fitness and mental ability are both good, but...