1. G

    Regular to reserve transfer seniority.

    Hello, I’m currently serving officer and I’m planning to put in my notice early next year to move onto other things. As I’ve been in the Army since I was 16, and served 10 years I don’t know if I’m ready to fully let go of the military life. Which is why I’m tempted to transfer to the...
  2. S

    Reserve Training Timeline Experience

    I have applied to become a reserve solider in March 2020, specifically joining the RLC. I completed my Alpha over 4 weekends at the start of 2021 and was booked to go onto my Bravo in the summer time. However on the day that I was to go, my squadron called to say that they got my Bravo...
  3. Rotten Chompers

    Rifles Reserve - Courses

    Hi Everyone, I'm interested in joining the Army Reserve. The Rifles have stood out for me because of the variety of bases and roles they carry out. As a soldier in the Army Reserve (Rifles in particular) what kind of courses are available to complete and how long would I be looking at serving...
  4. S

    RY - Officer

    Good morning, I'm hoping to apply to the Army reserves soon and I have chatted with an Army careers advisor who suggested that I apply via the officer route due to my education and qualifications. I have been doing some research on the Signals and this is currently a top option for me...
  5. J

    Does anyone know the policy on joining the police if you are already in the reserves?

    Hi, I am currently considering joining the Reserves, I applied to the regulars when I was 18 but due to injury that was put back and then other things came about and sadly I don't think it could be something I could pursue, however I wanna still do my time and want to join the reserves however...
  6. Fez

    Reserve pay and Rejoiners bonus

    Morning all. I left the Army 2 years ago after 12 years service. I decided to rejoin the reserves in November 2019 and started my application then. I passed everything and in March this year I was told all I needed to do was attest however due to lockdown I couldn’t attend any unit to do it...
  7. W

    Rejoining as a reserve

    Hi lads I was in phase 1 training at the start of the year but coivd 19 kicked off and we had to leave for home. During that time I realised my family (my parents and brother) were struggling without me being there to help them so I DAOR when I returned to training (yes I know Im a joke for...
  8. M

    Reserve CMT 1 in regiments

    Was wondering how it works with reserve CMTs as I know in the regulars they can make list of what regiments they wish to serve in as a medic, but was wondering if that was the same for the reserves, like for example can a reserve CMT1 choose to work with 7 rifles, 4 para (if they pass p company)...
  9. T

    4 PARA or RMR

    Hello Gents, new here and after advice. Will probably get smashed for this but, never mind. I'm wanting to join either 4 PARA or RMR. Due to circumstances at home I'm unable to join the regulars. I am in a position where I could definitely commit to reserves though, and probably should have...
  10. B

    Current Application Ongoing; Is It Worth Applying for Reserves too?

    Hi all, I had a quick search and couldn't find anything on here specifically related to my question. I have a current Officer application ongoing, however, I know it'll most likely be the end of the year before I may get into training, and that's if I'm not delayed anywhere. I was wondering...
  11. H

    Ex Regular Army to Reservist rejoiners medical?

    Hi all, After a steady 5 years out i’ve decided to resurrect myself and rejoin, this time as a Reservist also looking to change Cap Badge after some much thought out consideration. Anyone in the loop on what I can expect on a 4 hour medical? and on how strict they are on BMI for rejoiners,this...
  12. T

    Dog Handler as a reserve

    Hi, I have been interested in a job as a dog handler for a long time and gave up the idea as going full time in the army as a dog handler when I got engaged to my girlfriend. I've been thinking about reserve work and looked on the role page on the army website and a lot of the information shown...
  13. D

    Application withdrawn after operation?

    Hi there, I’m a first time poster after lurking on this site for tips and advice, and thought I’d ask here given Army recruitment are being a bit unclear. I’ve been training all year to get back into shape (losing a few stone in the process) and, having looked into it around March time...
  14. J

    3 MI Deployment Opportunities

    Hi, Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong section wasn't sure if more suited for here or Reserve Recruitment. Interested in joining 3 MI in London however after reading a few threads on the site have noticed that high frequency/chance of deployment keeps popping up when discussing the Int...
  15. Rotten Chompers

    Which Reserve Unit?

    Hello, The last time I posted on this forum was more than two years ago when I couldn't decide if I wanted a life in the military or police. I decided on the police and have been in the Met for 2.5yrs now. Now being eligible, I want to start looking at reserve units in the London and...
  16. M

    Vehicle Mechanic - reservist

    Hi all, I've had a quick search out of forum etiquette but couldn't find exactly what I wanted some help with. I am 28 and work for the Foreign Office, currently posted to Kabul, but will be returning to the UK shortly. My main interest outside of work is anything that drives, floats or flies...
  17. C

    What happens if i fail the initial assessments?

    Hi guys, I applied to join as an Reservist 2 months ago, looking and researching more into it...the fitness part plays a key role. What happens if I fail the initial physical tests? Would that mean I won't be allowed to join/apply for the Army again afterwards? If that is the case, it would be...
  18. S

    Army Reserve moving to Canada

    Hello! First time posting so apologies if I’ve missed the thread where this is already answered. I’m a new army reserve and also work full time with another company. That company is looking to relocate me to Toronto, Canada which is a dream of mine but as a new army reserve, I’m keen to stay...
  19. M

    Infantry or Engineers?

    Hello folks, I am interested in joining the reserve forces. I am not entirely sure what is the best role to choose though. I have an advantage in that there is a great choice around me as there is infantry, signals, engineers, logistics, military intelligence and artillery. However I would be...
  20. C

    Best local regiments for life experience (poll)

    Background info: 21 year old, this poll will help me decide a lot. My local ones are Infantry, MP (but furthest away and is bullshit to get to at rush hour), Logistics, and Royal Artillery. I work full time and a Saturday shift every four weeks however get an extra day off on my weekend...
  21. ganonville

    Joining the reserves as a paramedic.

    Was looking for some advice regarding reserves recruitment. I am an NHS student paramedic currently and therefore once qualified would like to join as a professionally qualified paramedic officer. However, I am still training and will not be qualified until 2021. I am not sure what my best...
  22. J

    Royal engineers or artillery?

    Okay so im on the army reserves while i finish my level 2 diploma in bricklaying and my gcse maths in college, I want to go full time bit can't decide wether as a sapprt or Gunner, it makes sense that because I'm already learning a trade that I just want to do a different role but it also makes...
  23. T

    Lead First (+Army Reserve full time questions)

    Hello all, I'd like to hear any advice, thoughts or reviews anyone here has on the Army's "Lead First" program. From my understanding eligible candidates do the 8 week reserve officer course at RMAS and go on to serve a year full time with a reserve unit somewhere in the UK. Bit of background...
  24. L

    Entitled or Not Entitled(LSA for reserves on OPs)

    Hello everyone, I am currently reserve doing 6 months with the regulars on some ops. I haven't been mobilised nor have I signed anything. Literally got offered ops in Cyprus and accepted. My question is....Am I entitled to LSA as I'm on OPs? On my payment each day I'm doing is annual camp...
  25. T

    Dog handler

    Hey, Much to my parents disappointment, I decided on a career as an accountant instead of a military career, coming from a longgggg line of military family members and both my parents having a long career in as army officers with both my siblings now being in the army too now. You can see why...
  26. B

    Should you practice tabbing?

    There are multiple threads out there about tabbing. mixed advice has caused much confusion for recruits. On my alpha I was told by all pti to not tab in preparation for my bravo and that running was enough. A luitenant with his wings told us he didn’t do any in preparation for p-coy just...
  27. LongStride

    Army infantry reserve questions?

    Hello and Good Afternoon, I’ve spent a few weeks looking on forums and various army websites but I can’t seem to find the answers I need. I work for my self as a digital designer. I generally spend 40 hours a week designing and doing admin. I earn less then £10.000 a year meaning I can’t pay...
  28. C

    Reserve -Photographer

    Is there anyone on here who's been or is a photographer within the army as a reserve, as I'm looking to join as a photographer and wondered what the job entails and how many weeks you have to work and train per year?
  29. T

    4 Para or RMR?

    Looking for a bit of advice from anyone who's been in 4 Para or Royal Marines Reserve. Currently in my penultimate year at uni, and considering going for either 4 Para Reserve as an Officer or RMR as Private. (I understand you can't join RMR as an Officer. I've got a few q's if anyone has time...
  30. C

    Joining the reserves...

    I'm a University student based in South Wales and I'm in the process of applying to join the Reserves as a soldier. I haven't decided which unit I'd like to join yet, but preferably a non infantry unit which would give me the most opportunities to get involved or deploy with after completing my...
  31. O

    Reserve AOSB Standards

    I failed to pass main while attempting to go as a regular. I want to go back, but as I've taken some time out and got a job, joining the regulars wouldn't be as easy as it would have been if coming straight out of Uni. I want to get a bit more experience and a few more qualifications at my job...
  32. L

    Pnuemothorax (collapsed lung)

    Hi everyone, 2 years ago I had a very small pneumothorax (less than 2cm’s). Bed rest for a week or two and cleared itself up with no need for treatment. Absolutely no issues whatsoever since. Anyway I’d like to join the infantry as a reservist, wondering if this might hinder my application...
  33. T

    Reserve to regs

    Hi, I’ve been in the infantry reserve for little over a year now and was wondering if anyone has any info on transferring to regs I.e. how much training I will need to do if any... looking at joining artillery of that makes any difference? Any info appreciated
  34. NootNootAF

    Reserve Soldier to Officer

    Hi, I'm wondering has anyone been through this process and can let me know if you start Officer training on Mod B as you've already completed Phase 1? Thanks.
  35. C

    Regular to Reserve Bounty

    Does anyone know when you receive the first payment of your regular to reserve bounty and what the criteria is in order to receive it? Also, slightly different topic, is there a maximum amount of time you can put into the reserves or can you potentially use it for most of your income? Cheers
  36. Couragethecowardlydog

    Soldier -> Officer OR straight to Officer training??

    Hi guys, been pondering on joining the army for a few months now and after some research, I've begun the joining process. I am still at University so my original plan was to join as a Reserve Officer. I'm interested in the Int Corps who the army careers lot have said is at 120% capacity so are...
  37. O

    How long does reserve training last

    Hi, I have just started the joining process for the reserves for my gap year and time at uni as a soldier, I understand the whole phase 1 and alpha and bravo training bits but how long will the whole process take. Would it take me a whole year until I'm a soldier or can I basically do the...
  38. G

    Height requirements for INT CORPs roles

    Hi everyone, Are there any height restrictions for any of the INT CORPs roles? If so, what are they? If there are no official requirements then are there INT CORPs roles that lend themselves well to shorter soldiers? P.s. Apologies if this is a repeated topic; I did search beforehand but...
  39. B

    Age for joining reserves

    Does anyone know when the min age went from 16 to 18 for reserve service? Cheers
  40. A

    How many carry bags for Phase 1A

    Hi all, will be doing my consolidate Phase 1A reserve training soon. Including my Bergen and black kit bag, are we allowed to take another carry bag to put all of our other necessary equipment (sanitary stuff etc) in or am I supposed to somehow find space for this in my issued bags? thanks...