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reserve training

  1. D

    Cold war Home Defense Questions

    Hello! I was referred here from reddit, and as a long time lurker since the site first started. Now, the people on reddit did tell me to open with how the SLR in wood furniture is the best weapon ever. I do somewhat agree with this, I believe that Synthetic is far better. Best weapon ever...
  2. Lswaldron

    A week in the life of a reservist.

    Hi, I’m considering joining the reserves and was wondering how a week as a reservist might look. Can you only work on the weekends (if so, what’s the working hours)? Can you work in the week (if so what hours)? What do you do on the working day (different units may vary but a general guide...
  3. Big Avo

    Quality of Permanent Staff

    Hi everybody, There is a huge difference in the quality of Permanent Staff Instructors. Some are amazing and can't support you enough, want to help you to develop and get the most of reservists, and a few bad apples who seem to hate reservists, treat being a PSI as a holiday and just frag...
  4. C

    What happens if i fail the initial assessments?

    Hi guys, I applied to join as an Reservist 2 months ago, looking and researching more into it...the fitness part plays a key role. What happens if I fail the initial physical tests? Would that mean I won't be allowed to join/apply for the Army again afterwards? If that is the case, it would be...
  5. Bras19

    Reserve fitness?

    So I am going to join reserves, but I am waiting to get my weight down first, as worried they will say no ect. However, my friend who is around 13.5stone (not much muscle) (works on cardio 2x a week) applied, got through tests ect and meetings and passed all that. (I’m 5ft2, 12.5st, good...
  6. T

    Lead First (+Army Reserve full time questions)

    Hello all, I'd like to hear any advice, thoughts or reviews anyone here has on the Army's "Lead First" program. From my understanding eligible candidates do the 8 week reserve officer course at RMAS and go on to serve a year full time with a reserve unit somewhere in the UK. Bit of background...
  7. B

    Should you practice tabbing?

    There are multiple threads out there about tabbing. mixed advice has caused much confusion for recruits. On my alpha I was told by all pti to not tab in preparation for my bravo and that running was enough. A luitenant with his wings told us he didn’t do any in preparation for p-coy just...
  8. D

    When are annual Training camps?

    I’m thinking of joining the reserves. I know part of the commitment is a 15 day continuous training camp. Does anyone know when it is likely to be during the year? Or does it vary every year? In civilian life I’m a Teacher. I’m not sure if the two distinctly different careers can actually...