reserve soldier

  1. Rotten Chompers

    Rifles Reserve - Courses

    Hi Everyone, I'm interested in joining the Army Reserve. The Rifles have stood out for me because of the variety of bases and roles they carry out. As a soldier in the Army Reserve (Rifles in particular) what kind of courses are available to complete and how long would I be looking at serving...
  2. C

    Reservist Unit(s) Advice

    Hi all, I'm in need of some advice. I very recently attended ASOB (sadly didn't pass), however I can have another bite at it (and I intend to). Between my Civi Job and ironing out my ASOB creases, I plan to join a reserve unit either local or around my work (in London). With the intention that...
  3. Lswaldron

    A week in the life of a reservist.

    Hi, I’m considering joining the reserves and was wondering how a week as a reservist might look. Can you only work on the weekends (if so, what’s the working hours)? Can you work in the week (if so what hours)? What do you do on the working day (different units may vary but a general guide...