reserve officer

  1. M

    Told to consider becoming an officer?

    Hello lads, Recently passed assessment center to join as a reservist, although I'm planning to go full time in future once everything is wrapped up for me in civvie street. In my interview stage my interviewer began asking me if I was going for an officer role. I wasn't, I was just going to...
  2. M

    Joining Army Reserves - RAMC

    Hi Everyone, I've read through ARRSE over the last few months and it has provided a wealth of knowledge already so thank you! I have a few questions that I was hoping some of you might be able to help with please: 1) I would like to join the Reserves as a Medical Support Officer, my local...
  3. A

    Waiting on assessment centre...what is next?

    Hi, I am applying to be a Reserve Officer in the Intelligence Corps. Currently, I am waiting to book my assessment centre, which should be complete in the coming days and set for a July date. Assuming I was to pass this, it is my understanding that, chronologically; More background checks on...
  4. S

    Potential officer fitting in before officer selection

    Greetings. You'll probably notice that this is my first post. I am in the early stages of an application to, hopefully, gain a commission in the AR. In my case (and presumably most cases except for those joining UOTCs) I will be joining as a soldier first and spending time with my unit before...
  5. Lswaldron

    A week in the life of a reservist.

    Hi, I’m considering joining the reserves and was wondering how a week as a reservist might look. Can you only work on the weekends (if so, what’s the working hours)? Can you work in the week (if so what hours)? What do you do on the working day (different units may vary but a general guide...
  6. ganonville

    Joining the reserves as a paramedic.

    Was looking for some advice regarding reserves recruitment. I am an NHS student paramedic currently and therefore once qualified would like to join as a professionally qualified paramedic officer. However, I am still training and will not be qualified until 2021. I am not sure what my best...
  7. T

    Lead First (+Army Reserve full time questions)

    Hello all, I'd like to hear any advice, thoughts or reviews anyone here has on the Army's "Lead First" program. From my understanding eligible candidates do the 8 week reserve officer course at RMAS and go on to serve a year full time with a reserve unit somewhere in the UK. Bit of background...
  8. T

    4 Para or RMR?

    Looking for a bit of advice from anyone who's been in 4 Para or Royal Marines Reserve. Currently in my penultimate year at uni, and considering going for either 4 Para Reserve as an Officer or RMR as Private. (I understand you can't join RMR as an Officer. I've got a few q's if anyone has time...
  9. O

    Reserve AOSB Standards

    I failed to pass main while attempting to go as a regular. I want to go back, but as I've taken some time out and got a job, joining the regulars wouldn't be as easy as it would have been if coming straight out of Uni. I want to get a bit more experience and a few more qualifications at my job...
  10. D

    Which is the best to Join?

    Hi there , I'm starting university in September I'm just wanting to know which is better to join while in uni, Uotc or the Army Reserves as an Officer? Reason being I'm hoping to go to Sandhurst once I've graduated and just wanting to get a grasp of army life prior to Sandhurst.