reserve application

  1. G

    NEED URGENT ADVICE. Medical issue.

    Hi all. I've applied over two years ago and due to a Doctor giving non updated information on my medical file it resulted in a fail. I appealed it twice with updated information and it finally passed and I went to Glencorse assessment centre. I got in the medical office and sat for 10 minutes...
  2. W

    Rejoining as a reserve

    Hi lads I was in phase 1 training at the start of the year but coivd 19 kicked off and we had to leave for home. During that time I realised my family (my parents and brother) were struggling without me being there to help them so I DAOR when I returned to training (yes I know Im a joke for...
  3. Lswaldron

    A week in the life of a reservist.

    Hi, I’m considering joining the reserves and was wondering how a week as a reservist might look. Can you only work on the weekends (if so, what’s the working hours)? Can you work in the week (if so what hours)? What do you do on the working day (different units may vary but a general guide...
  4. W

    Officer Reserve Recruitment for Peacekeeping Missions - which unit?

    Good afternoon all. New to this. Civilian with several degrees and considerable non-military experience. One of my long-term interests is in serving on peacekeeping missions and emergency response. I have ready everything I can find online. To make most of unit-level recruitment conversations I...