1. A

    Problems with Military Equipment

    Hello All, I am currently studying A-Level Product Design, this involves identifying a problem and developing a product to solve it. As an aspiring officer (currently applying for the scholarship scheme) I have chosen to explore the theme of the military. I am therefore researching problems...
  2. S

    Service Leaver over 50? Please, register here

    Urgent Call for Action ****************************************************************************************************************** The Officers’ Association (OA) is currently conducting a research project into the employment barriers and challenges faced by 50+ Service Leavers...
  3. S

    Transition Research free meal and prize draw

    Request for help from 50+Service Leavers (all ranks and Services) The Officers’ Association (OA) is currently conducting a research project on the employment barriers and challenges to older Service leavers for which we are running group discussions. We are looking for ex-Service Personnel...
  4. Saving_pte_ally

    Preparation for joining the reserves

    Hi all, I am thinking of joining the reserves but I want to gain some more weight and build up my fitness. Does anyone have any helpful tips? -First post here.
  5. B

    Looking to interview ex-service personnel for a new interactive feature film

    As part of the national commemoration of WW1, pioneering art group Blast Theory have been commissioned by 14-18 NOW to make an interactive feature film exploring why some of us choose to go to war and others choose not to. Director and co-writer Matt Adams would like to interview ex-service...
  6. D

    Social Media use at the Tactical Level

    Hi all, I'm completing a dissertation on social media use at the tactical level and wondered if anybody on Arrse would be interested in completing a short survey (5-10 mins) for me. The link is here: Risks and Opportunities of using Social Media at the Tactical Level Much appreciated. A...
  7. R

    Veteran's Experiences in Civilian Employment

    Looking to conduct short phone interviews, around 15 minute in length with British Army veterans. The research aims to understand what benefits and barriers are created by time in service when moving into civilian employment. The research so far has highlighted the lack of financial support...