1. W

    Army 2020 and Army 2020 Refine -- REME battalions created and disbanded

    evening all, I am new to this forum, but am 'busy with' the lineages of British army regiments (and corps) since the mid-late 1990s. Given other interests in the rich history of the British Army, in particular its origins under the Tudors and Stuarts, I stopped following changes related to the...
  2. I_shat_in_Erics_boots

    Integrated Review - The CSS World Post-EMBANKMENT

    Amid much speculation as to how the CSS world might look post-EMBANKMENT, and given that we are to become a carbon copy of our American masters, would it be fair to say that the blueprints are already out there and that this is essentially a foretaste of what is to come: The brigade support...
  3. D


    Hi everyone I'm currently in the reme and looking to retrade to TSS I've not been in unit long can I do this as I have a return of service dose the return of service just get added up as I'm not leaving the core?
  4. J

    Reme phase 2 kit help please

    Hi, due to head to phase 2 in next two weeks and my kit list to take includes a bergen and webbing(naive but assumed would be issued) ... In short what should I be looking for as an aspiring armourer, am I looking for something I'll rarely use, something to tide me over till I know what I need...
  5. M

    REME or RMP?

    Hello, Just wondering which Corp/Regiment I should go into? Does REME contain alot of soldering compared to RMP and Infantry (like by how much in comparison)? Which one should I pick? And what roles do you recommend? Thank you
  6. M

    Help! I don't know what role to choose...

    Hello, I am currently assigned to a REME reserve unit intending to become an Armourer but I dont know if that actually interests me. Is there alot of soldering involved in this role or is it more in the back office? I have looked in Special Force but unfortunately I wear glasses all the time...
  7. JNM

    Phase 2 driving

    Heading off to P1 in Feb and was wondering how far into P2 you learn to drive? I’m going Elec tech and you get taught driving at some point in P2 apparently, not looking for a specific week just at the start or near the end would be appreciated. Also the website says you can get a HGV license...
  8. JNM

    Accommodation questions during training

    Due to start basic in Feb and I know what P1 accommodation will be but phase 2 info and beyond is a bit harder to find. Is there any change from P1 to P2 accommodation or is it basically the same? Also I’m going into REME, when you’re attached somewhere do you go into the same place as...
  9. MRHQ Team

    Roadside Mechanic

    Join the Team as a Roadside Mechanic This role with The AA is specifically for ex-military through the Military Resettlement HQ Salary: £40k OTE (Guaranteed Min c.£36,765) Locations: London - North East, North West, South East, South West Be there (When the engine’s packed up and the kids...
  10. Z

    Joining REME straight from university

    So I’ve just graduated from university in motorsport technology which was basically engineering but I did a couple of electronic based modules. I achieved a 2.2 with 59.8% which the university wouldn’t round up for ridiculous reasons and this has essentially meant I don’t even make it past the...
  11. JNM

    First army interview help.

    My interview is for next Wednesday. I’m fairly confident with most of the questions I’ll probably get but should I wear a shirt and tie or the full suit? Also I’ve been asked to run the 1.5 mile and record a time. Will it matter that I’m not quite at the 13-14 minute mark yet? I’ll have got...
  12. C

    REME hopeful, any advice?

    Hi guys, I'm in the joining process waiting for assessment date, I'm pretty much set on joining REME. I'm looking at electronics tech (are there any differences between elec and avionics apart from the later just being aircraft?) but again I'm open to suggestions. Really I guess I'm asking...
  13. thegimp

    FFS, Land Rover 127 clutch problems

    Morning gents. My beast has packed in, again, I just can't wade through the google pages to find any relevant information I understand so I turn to the real lump hammer and black maskers experts. Last week jumped in van, clutch pedal was on the floor. Got it recovered to Land Rover garage, 140...
  14. warty_melon

    Forklift Engineers/Fitters/Mechanics/Electricians

    Apologies MODS if I've posted in the wrong area, just trying to help a brother or sister. First job I applied for I got the position, being an amputee this was mega, however I digress, Neckar Forklifts near Windsor are looking for Ex Forces with any experience in Mechanical & Electrical...
  15. B

    REME | VM, Recce Mech or Aircraft Technician

    Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong thread. So I'm in my last year of GCSEs and I am looking ahead to after sixth form. I've decided the army (more specifically REME) would probably be most suited to myself. I've narrowed the trades down to three of interest: -Recovery Mechanic -Vehicle...
  16. d3adp1zzab0y

    degree from the REME

    I heard that you can get a degree in mechanical engineering in the REME, but how would one go about getting that, and is it only for certain roles?
  17. d3adp1zzab0y

    armourer and civvie street

    hey, i’ve applied for the army and am hoping to join the REME once i have done my phase 1. I was drawn to be an armourer, as it seems like a fun and varied job, but i want to know what civvie jobs it means you can get once you’ve left the army, and also what trades have the best jobs once you...
  18. WonDERR

    REME Land Rover Wolf Advice Needed

    Is anyone out there familiar with both civvy Land Rover 300tdi Defenders (1994-98) and Land Rover Wolf XD 300tdis - specifically the fuel injector pumps and heater/blower fans? Is the pin under the diaphragm on the Wolf fuel injector pump the same as the eccentric pin in the civvy 300tdis...
  19. L

    Pre-interview Document HELP

    Ok so i have my interview tomorrow and i have a few questions left to answer and i've looked everywhere for the answers and have found nothing. 1 what is the amount of leave given for phase one training for REME, RAC and Royal Signals? i don't know if its six weeks for all of them or if thats...
  20. C

    Joining REME and pay structure

    Hi all, I'm currently looking at joining the army and looking at either aircraft, avionics or electronics tech. I have all the qualifications required and fitness levels. Want I can't seem to find is the pay structure and promotion time scale (promotion isn't high on the list). Can anyone...
  21. Tappet

    REME Cfn caught grooming

    Soldier caught out in grooming sting by 'paedophile hunter' - BBC News Seems that a REME Cfn Sam Dallow has been found guilty of attempted to meet a child following grooming. He was uncovered by a vigilante nonce-hunter who believes that said once-hunting activity should be carried out by...
  22. T

    Fitter RE or Vehicle Mechanic REME?

    Tommy66 Hello, I want to be a vehicle mechanic and have decided to join the Army. The problem is while I am interested in working on smaller vehicles such as Land Rovers, cars etc. My main interest is in plant machinery with hydraulics like diggers, tractors etc. I've read on another thread...
  23. T

    Can vehicle mechanics in the REME work on plant?

    Hello, I want to be a vehicle mechanic and have decided to join the Army. The problem is while I am interested in working on smaller vehicles such as Land Rovers, cars etc. My main interest is in plant machinery with hydraulics like diggers, tractors etc. Is it possible to work on this stuff as...
  24. T

    Vechile mechanic

    HI I am thinking about joining the REME as a VM. I have a few questions. I heared that as a VM you don't see much action/combat is that true? What is life like a VM? Also do you get to travel the world? Thank you to anyone who answer's the questions.
  25. C

    Chance of early promotion REME armourer

    Afternoon guys, I'm starting my phase 1 in march as a reme armourer (cue the porn stash jokes) i was wondering is early promotion possible in this role? Its not the reason I'm going for this its just the most appealing trade for me. I'm already a qualified mechanical engineer with 10 years...
  26. jock788

    "Running Boards" fitted to Army Scout Helicopters.

    Does anyone else remember the "command mod" we had at 9 Regt AAC LAD in Detmold to fit "running boards" to the Scout AH1s we had? They were fitted across the skid cross members to give a "leg up" to the Red Tabbers we often flew ... We also had mods to the pilot/co-pilot doors to fit "star...
  27. F

    Questions regarding completing a technical degree whilst serving as a REME officer.

    Hello all, Firstly I'd just like to apologise if this is the incorrect forum to be posting on; I'm new to this website so I've not yet learned how to navigate it properly. --- I'm 18 years old and interested in joining the REME, ideally as a commissioned officer. I do have sufficient ALIS and...
  28. Bungle2278

    SNCO transfer

    Gents, Please don't take the piss (too much anyway). Done 14 yrs with and issues beyond my control mean I need to transfer (would love to 7 clicks but got a new born and couldn't afford it) I've been well and truly hung out to dry by my unit and there's no coming back, not now the ha have...
  29. Dannyy.simo

    REME rece mech or rifles

    I'm wondering what would be the best choice as I've always wanted to go in the infantry and people have been saying getting a trade is the best choice? What's your thoughts infantry or recovery mech? I heard rece mech has abit of combat in there as combat is what I want? What's dose Recovery...
  30. G.Lewis

    REME through DSFC as aircraft technician

    Just a few questions on REME, DSFC, being an officer and aircraft technicians. I'm currently in the Air Training corps but looking to go go Welbeck Defence 6th form. My fitness is fair and by the time I'm at welbeck I will definaltey have passed the 2 min 45 pressups and 50 sit-ups and the...
  31. J

    How hard is joining REME/Royal engineer's

    Just wanted to know how hard it is to join REME/RE? Was thinking about applying for Plumbing and Heating, or possibly fabricator. Can someone tell me what the written assessments are like and if they're easy to pass. Applied for the RAF a few years ago and remember the exam being solid for...
  32. G

    Guards platoon officer

    So I've lately been looking a the Guards Platoon officer and I have a few enquiries, first and foremost, what about when I leave? I have IT, triple award sciences, HSK mandarin and an engineering GCSE behind me, no a levels. When I leave how hard could it be on civvy Street opposed to getting a...
  33. Z

    Insight into officers in: RE, REME & Signals

    Hello! By June '17 I'll have graduated with an MEng in electronic engineering; I'd have just turned 24! (getting old). I've done a sandwich year in industry, but I still have this in the back my mind since I was about 10, so I'm going in! I shall be opening an application in the near future, to...
  34. G

    Can I retrade?

    I'm looking to join the REME, my plan is to go as an amourer then if possible, retrade as an aircraft technician, can I do this? I may also want to become an instructor for basic training, how can i do this? Also, can I have some advice on both trades? I don't want to waste my time in the army...
  35. L

    MAN 6 Tonne SV Cab control lights are not working.?

    It's becoming a pain because I can't see any of the controls when it is dark. When I turn the ignition on all the lights come on for a split second the immediately off again I've had to use the digital speedo to see how fast I'm going. It's like the inside lights are stuck on convoy mode.. sort...
  36. Rolling_Thunder

    Boarding for promotion........where are you?

    Its that time of year again where i like to sit down with a brew and casually add filters to my peers on a super duper excel document and see how far i can get myself up the promotional database (going as far as deleting people i dont like). I cant find it anywhere!!!! I understand MS web is...
  37. M

    RE carpenter and joiner

    I applied back in November and just waiting for my ADSC date and I'm undecided regarding this role or my second choice Vehicle mechanic within the REME. I just want to know how often you use your trade as a carpenter within the RE? What qualifications do you receive when completing class 1...
  38. B

    UPS Service Technician (Suit REME Tech, RE Electrical)

    Leading UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) manufacturer has a vacancy in its field service team for a UPS or trainee UPS Service Technician. Would suit REME Control Equipment's/Avionics Tech (1st Class). Salary £38.5k per annum plus overtime, car, pension, health insurance etc. This is a...
  39. Chelseaalouette


  40. F

    Employment - Manual Machinist / toolmaker

    Afternoon gang, I am keen to hear from any ex-forces especially armorers and manual machinists. In my previous life i served with 2 Mercian "A" Coy - and now a days i'm a specialist recruiter for engineering and technical trades across the midlands, if anyone is either getting out or know...