reme avionics technician

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    Joining REME straight from university

    So I’ve just graduated from university in motorsport technology which was basically engineering but I did a couple of electronic based modules. I achieved a 2.2 with 59.8% which the university wouldn’t round up for ridiculous reasons and this has essentially meant I don’t even make it past the...
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    Joining REME and pay structure

    Hi all, I'm currently looking at joining the army and looking at either aircraft, avionics or electronics tech. I have all the qualifications required and fitness levels. Want I can't seem to find is the pay structure and promotion time scale (promotion isn't high on the list). Can anyone...
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    Avionics tech

    Hi, I start my phase 1 in may (phase 2 september) and was wondering what prep in terms of maths etc would be good to look at before heading off? Cheers.