reme avionics technician

  1. Jordan8w

    Assessment Centre tips. September 2020.

    Hello all! Im currently awaiting the date to go to my assessment centre which unfortunately has been dragged out to the Corona-virus pandemic. :( Im just looking for help and advice on the assessment centre. Ive been keeping fit and have just started revising maths again as its been 5 years...
  2. J

    Best trade for travelling to and from Newcastle

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section it’s my first post. I’m joining up as soon as I’ve finished my GCSE’s and I want to join either as a vehicle mechanic, general fitter, aircraft technician or avionics. I have no problem with doing my phase one in Harrogate but everywhere else for phase 2 is...
  3. Z

    Joining REME straight from university

    So I’ve just graduated from university in motorsport technology which was basically engineering but I did a couple of electronic based modules. I achieved a 2.2 with 59.8% which the university wouldn’t round up for ridiculous reasons and this has essentially meant I don’t even make it past the...
  4. C

    Joining REME and pay structure

    Hi all, I'm currently looking at joining the army and looking at either aircraft, avionics or electronics tech. I have all the qualifications required and fitness levels. Want I can't seem to find is the pay structure and promotion time scale (promotion isn't high on the list). Can anyone...
  5. B

    Avionics tech

    Hi, I start my phase 1 in may (phase 2 september) and was wondering what prep in terms of maths etc would be good to look at before heading off? Cheers.