1. Noob1

    Basic training in 4 days

    I’m going to pirbright for my phase 1 basic training and feeling anxious and a little nervous about the unknown as it means so much to me to succeed as it’s a big step in my life. Does anyone have any tips on how to cope with this? Also as well as leaving my family my girlfriend is going to...
  2. R

    Can A Relationship Work And Be Healthy In The Military?

    Hey guys, I'm so close to being in a relationship with this girl that I really like and she likes me, there's no doubt about it as we've talked about it previously but we've put anything on hold due to my career intentions, because I'm also the click of a button away from submitting my Air Force...
  3. N

    Officer and soldier engaged before joining , can we be together ?

    My question is ..... Me and my other half want join the army and she would be joining as an officer and I would be as a soldier due to my lack of one GCSE needed to qualify for officer. My concern is that if we join, can we still be together? Would we be posted together or would we have to be...
  4. P

    Basic Training Packages?

    Just wondered if there's anything you're not allowed to send in the post to your boyfriend in basic training?