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    If anyone can post a bit of helpinghand !! currently a prison officer and realising leaving the army was the worst decion i could of made ... left 2 weeks from finishig phase 2 training in 2013. Been born and raised into the army, most of family served 10+ years. Ifi dont do it now i never will...
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    Evening just looking for a little advice been out for about 3 years now and got back in the reserves April this year, and now want too get back in full time,haven't taken any of the 10k ex regs bounty. 1:is the RCMO at current unit my point of contact 2:anyone else gone from reserve too regs and...
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    Reinstate commission

    A friend resigned from the ACF in May 2014 as a 2 Lt. He had held the commission for over a year but left due to family reasons. He now has time and wants to return. Can anyone confirm or advise on whether he can return as a 2 Lt with various trg to bring his currency up to speed, or would he...