rejoing the ranks

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    If anyone can post a bit of helpinghand !! currently a prison officer and realising leaving the army was the worst decion i could of made ... left 2 weeks from finishig phase 2 training in 2013. Been born and raised into the army, most of family served 10+ years. Ifi dont do it now i never will...
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    Ex RE regs joining Duke Of Lancs reserve

    Evening all, Was with Gods corp for 6 years, was LCpl when i decided enough was enough. Anyhow 2 years later i find myself wanting to rejoin but as Infantry (something i have always fancied just never had the balls to put pen to paper). So i have spoke to the recruitment guy in the town centre...
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    Rejoining the ranks?

    Currently I am in my second year of probation as a 2Lt. I commissioned to do more for my cadets at Det and Coy level, oh how wrong was I. Since commissioning I hardly teach and haven't enjoyed cadets remotely. Recently I took over a Det and have been exposed to more bulls%#t than ever and...