1. Terrafir

    Is it better to join at 16 or 18?

    So I want to join, I'm currently 16. I obviously need my parents permission and so they are asking lots of questions that I need some answers t but cannot find the answers for anywhere online. They want to know what the differences are between joining at 16 vs 18? So far I know that the amount...
  2. Terrafir

    Can you join as a Regular then later on go to Sandhurst?

    Right genuine question. Can someone join the army as a regular soldier then later on in your career, whilst still being in the army, go to Sandhurst and become and Officer?
  3. J

    Royal engineers or artillery?

    Okay so im on the army reserves while i finish my level 2 diploma in bricklaying and my gcse maths in college, I want to go full time bit can't decide wether as a sapprt or Gunner, it makes sense that because I'm already learning a trade that I just want to do a different role but it also makes...
  4. oppoStu

    Technical Selection Test (TST) - Everything You Need To Know

    The TST is for those wanting to perform a technical role within the army. It is taken during your selection weekend during the same day as your medical etc. It is a paper based exam and you are given plenty of time as well as a calculator. It is out of 55 marks. The pass marks for all the...