1. T

    Is 26 too old to be going to Sandhurst?

    I have received an offer to attend the regular commissioning course at Sandhurst but I am concerned about how I will be viewed because of my age. Upon arrival at Sandhurst I will be 26 and will be 27 by the time I commission. I am fairly fit, currently finishing a degree, and have no ties or...
  2. G

    Regular to reserve transfer seniority.

    Hello, I’m currently serving officer and I’m planning to put in my notice early next year to move onto other things. As I’ve been in the Army since I was 16, and served 10 years I don’t know if I’m ready to fully let go of the military life. Which is why I’m tempted to transfer to the...
  3. G

    Advice regarding Soldier to Officer transition? (My backstory included)

    Hello everybody, This is my first post on ARRSE after lurking the board. I have a few questions for anybody who has any knowledge or experience to answer them for me. I am 23 years old and currently studying at the University of Sheffield doing a Foundation Year which will progress on to a...
  4. C

    Is it possible to go to Sandhurst after becoming a regular soldier?

    Hello, I am currently a phase 1 recruit going through Pirbright as a regular soldier, but have taken quite an interest in becoming an officer at some point in my career being that as soon as possible. Having spoken to my troop commander and seeing his role, it is something that interests me...
  5. Terrafir

    Is it better to join at 16 or 18?

    So I want to join, I'm currently 16. I obviously need my parents permission and so they are asking lots of questions that I need some answers t but cannot find the answers for anywhere online. They want to know what the differences are between joining at 16 vs 18? So far I know that the amount...
  6. Terrafir

    Can you join as a Regular then later on go to Sandhurst?

    Right genuine question. Can someone join the army as a regular soldier then later on in your career, whilst still being in the army, go to Sandhurst and become and Officer?
  7. J

    Royal engineers or artillery?

    Okay so im on the army reserves while i finish my level 2 diploma in bricklaying and my gcse maths in college, I want to go full time bit can't decide wether as a sapprt or Gunner, it makes sense that because I'm already learning a trade that I just want to do a different role but it also makes...
  8. oppoStu

    Technical Selection Test (TST) - Everything You Need To Know

    The TST is for those wanting to perform a technical role within the army. It is taken during your selection weekend during the same day as your medical etc. It is a paper based exam and you are given plenty of time as well as a calculator. It is out of 55 marks. The pass marks for all the...