1. Dashing_Chap

    Microprose Regiments

    For anyone who remembers playing the excellent M1A2 tank platoon by Microprose there finally seems to be a successor. This may be of interest to the Cold War warriors who were based in Germany. Iirc the original Microprose went out of business...
  2. M

    Royal Irish or Irish Guards?

    Looking to join one of these two, get the impression that some regiments in the army are shit, which of them is better and why? Cheers.
  3. C

    Best local regiments for life experience (poll)

    Background info: 21 year old, this poll will help me decide a lot. My local ones are Infantry, MP (but furthest away and is bullshit to get to at rush hour), Logistics, and Royal Artillery. I work full time and a Saturday shift every four weeks however get an extra day off on my weekend...
  4. G

    Marines vs Guards

    I am joining the army/marines soon, I was wondering to join marines (yes I’m aware it’s a navy branch) or Grenadier Guards I don’t mind ceremonial and I don’t mind having little ceremonial duties. Thank you
  5. G

    Household Cavalry or Foot Guards

    I'm 18, starting a Degree at Oxford now. After I leave uni' I want to join a household regiment. I've narrowed it down a bit: Life Guards, Blues & Royals, Grenadier Guards. They all recruit from where I am. I am tall for my age, I spoke to a recruiter and he said I can march amazingly. (P.S I...
  6. A

    A reminder of the past

    Hi all , me and my father have recently started our own little business that may be of interest to some of you. my father now 64 is a former member of several different regiments in the british army and was present during the troubles in Northern Ireland during the seventies , he much like so...
  7. JensMR

    Regiment Help

    Hi, I'm planning to join the army within the next two years after I finish school after previously being rejected because of migraines (I have since grown out of them). I'm from the south-east of England and have researched PWRR, Fusiliers and the Rifles. As well as this I have looked at some...
  8. T

    Light Cavalry Regiment for a Northern Irishman

    Hi all. So basically I have an interest in joining the army and more specifically a light cav regiment of the RAC. I have looked into some of the different regiments but it seems that they all have reputations for being the cavalry regiment of the mainland countries of the UK, which is not...
  9. G

    Selection to Int Corps with Cat 2

    Dear all, I recently completed the AOSB Briefing, finishing with a category two due to struggling on the obstacle course. Everything else I passed without issue, and they recommended a postponement of only three months before Main Board. However, I have heard from several sources that certain...
  10. pazzer

    I'm joining the signals and have been told it's terrible

    I've gone through my application, chosen my role and all ready to go in as an Electronic Warfare Operator. However, my brother who is currently serving in the Air Corps as a grounds crewman told me it's going to be the most boring role ever due to not currently being in wartime and also because...
  11. G

    The Guards

    I'm joining as a guardsman and am choosing between grens. and coldstreamers, would any of each one have any major changes, advantages or disadvantages, in my career? Opinions on them in terms of ceremonial duties please Cheers for the replies, are there any height restrictions in general and...
  12. G

    RGJ equivalent-not rifles

    After rifles, who would you say is rgj equivalent and what are your opinions on it