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    How important is where your from in determining what regiment you choose ?

    Is it unheard of for someone to join a regiment that isn’t local to them. How much does where you live factor into you getting into a regiment ? Are the county regiments like the York’s and duke of Lancaster closed off to people who aren’t from the traditional recruitment areas ?
  2. O

    Army sword identification

    Hi all, I was recently going through some stuff of a relative and im pretty sure I’ve found a british army ceremonial sword. I do have British army background but I am unsure which regiment this sword is from. I’ve searched everywhere, I just can’t seem to find what regiment this sword...
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    Unsure of Regiment

    Hello, this is my first post on here, so apologies if I’m posting this in the wrong forum. I’ve recently applied for the Army as an infantry soldier, and I’m completely unsure of which regiment to join. I live in North Wales and my preference would be light infantry. I’ve looked into The Welsh...
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    Regimental Choices

    I am a female and I am considering the HHC. I am getting so many different conflicting views on this, especially from the recruitment team (one didn't even know that women were allowed to join the HCAV). So bluntly, are women at a disadvantage in what is considered, up to now, a male bastion...
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    Regimental initiations- past and present ?

    Hey guys, Just passed selection and I'm currently waiting for a medical issue to be approved or declined and then that's me off to phase 1. Wanting to join the RDGs and I recently bumped into a guy I know who mentioned something about regimental initiations and it got me thinking. Does anyone...
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    Momentum Security Recruitment

    Hi All, Momentum Security Recruitment are looking for High Court Enforcement Agents, they also have a number of other roles on the website. The role below would suit ex forces, or those looking to leave an dget themselves into the industry. Momentum Security - Job Am ex Green Jacket, now...