1. R

    RPAS Pilot Role Opening

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on on why the RPAS pilot role is currently closed. My guess would be a backlog of candidates and no current requirement for anymore. I have spoken with the recruitment staff and have only been told the role has been closed for a while...
  2. T

    Joining the army - Previous taker of Escitalopram (Anti-Depressants)

    Good Afternoon All, I have a phone call with a nurse from my local army recruitment centre tomorrow, and I'm preparing to discuss my medical history which does include 20mg Escitalopram taken daily. The last time I was prescribed them was roughly 4 months ago, but when I told the recruiter on...
  3. HopefulArmyLad

    Ive applied to join the army

    I've recently applied to join the British army, I've filled out my application and have an appointment to speak to a careers advisor. I've just signed the forms to allow them to obtain my medical records. I'm 33 reasonably fit. 6'5, so my BMI is slightly higher. I'm looking for advice as to how...
  4. L

    Difference between Lancs and Yorks?

    So I’m waiting on my assessment centre date and I’m definitely fit enough to pass barring anything unexpected on the medical, I’m just wondering what my first choice would be. I’ve looked for as much info as I can find on both and there’s not as much as I’d like. The lancs are listed as...
  5. S

    Difficulty with Job Role

    Hello all, I’m very new to this forum. I have just completed the assessment centre very recently finished with a pass for all roles incl the technical test (besides paras). I had Artillery as first option and Infantry as second, my start date is sometime next year. What appealed to me was the...
  6. N

    Joining as a soldier and going on to be an officer due to 2 year deferment at AOSB Briefing

    Hello all! As a bit of background, I'm 19 years old and have got the required amount of ALIS and UCAS points from my GCSEs and A Levels respectively to become an officer. It has been a month or so since I had my AOSB Briefing, after which I got a CAT 2 and a 2 year deferment. A couple days...
  7. A

    Recruitment frustrations

    Would be keen to know if anyone else is having similar experiences at the moment. I've been booked onto AOSB briefing since October, it was due to be tomorrow. One hour ago I got a phone call from my CSM saying I can no longer attend due to reduced covid capacities and theyre conducting roof...
  8. sanjeeanand

    P8 due to past 1 off episode of Kidney Stone. Likelihood of Level 1a appeal?

    Hi troops! So I got a P8 for a one off episode of a Kidney stone back in 2016. It was a microscopic one and got CT Scanned. The Doctor said it was due to lack of fluids and i’ve never had it before or ever since. Been advised to get a letter from my GP to say I'm fine and a up to date CT Scan to...
  9. T

    Will my plan to live abroad refuse my army application?

    Hi all, First off, apologies if this question has been asked previously, however if it has I can't find it and searched for hours now looking for an answer to my concern. So I've now come here to see if any of you can help. The issue I have is this: I am dead set on joining the army...
  10. Q

    Combat engineering

    Hi sorry if this in the wrong place but I'm looking at joining as either a fabricator or a design draughtsman in the engineers. I just wanted to know what the split between trade activity and combat engineering is for both roles as I like doing both however I dont want to be stuck doing my trade...
  11. C

    I’m going to be one of them... A rejoiner !!

    Hello Everyone, Recently, I hung my hat up with the army. But since I’ve left, I’ve released that the civi life isn’t for me right now ! So I thought I’ll make a thread on here for some advice. Any advice would be amazing a quick thanks now before I start So, I left the army September 2018...
  12. C

    Best local regiments for life experience (poll)

    Background info: 21 year old, this poll will help me decide a lot. My local ones are Infantry, MP (but furthest away and is bullshit to get to at rush hour), Logistics, and Royal Artillery. I work full time and a Saturday shift every four weeks however get an extra day off on my weekend...
  13. W

    Pirbright assessment centre 2019

    Hello this is just a thread to share knowledge about the new physical tests in the assesment centre and for sharing help on the cognitive test and the technical selection test.
  14. The_Unstoppable

    High Blood Pressure

    Are you allowed in the army with high higher blood pressure, considering it in no way affects you and you have never needed medication for such reason?
  15. K

    Army vs Navy

    Hi all, I'm finishing my A-Levels and looking at joining either the Army or Navy upon finishing at the end of June next year. My original idea of role was being part of the police sector for either, as that was my initial idea of a civi job. I've taken the initial steps in joining both but the...
  16. F

    Joining after ACL Reconstruction

    I've been interested in joining the Army as officer for 5 years now (I am 21). I have been declined multiple times just from the first medical questionnaire because I had ACL reconstruction 5 years ago. I have a letter from a knee specialist (who performed the surgery) stating that I am fully...
  17. G

    Marines vs Guards

    I am joining the army/marines soon, I was wondering to join marines (yes I’m aware it’s a navy branch) or Grenadier Guards I don’t mind ceremonial and I don’t mind having little ceremonial duties. Thank you
  18. R

    Regimental Choices

    I am a female and I am considering the HHC. I am getting so many different conflicting views on this, especially from the recruitment team (one didn't even know that women were allowed to join the HCAV). So bluntly, are women at a disadvantage in what is considered, up to now, a male bastion...
  19. B

    Help please

    Evening, Looking for some closure. I discharged from phase 2 at week 8 I think, reasons being - I felt it was the quickest and easier way for me to retrade and sort a few other potential problems back home. Anyway, my next intake will mark a record 13 weeks out of training and relisted back in...
  20. B

    Genuine question, genuine answer

    Afternoon, Looking for some closure. I discharged from phase 2 at week 8 I think, reasons being - I felt it was the quickest and easier way for me to retrade and sort a few other potential problems back home. Anyway, my next intake will mark a record 13 weeks out of training and relisted back...
  21. L

    Questions about joining HAC?

    Hi, I am very interested in joining the military but happen to like my civvie career so the reserves seems perfect to go for. I want to join a unit that is very unique and offers plenty of challenge. From what i can tell through a bit of googling HAC Patrols seems to be a very demanding but...
  22. AlfieFYB

    Army recruitment ad - my thoughts

  23. K

    Dog Handler Recruitment Questions

    Hi everyone, I'm in my last year of college (doing A-levels) and I think I might be interested in an army career. I'm planning on taking a gap year to decide if this is definitely the right choice, but in the meantime, I can't find much on the British Army website about a career as a dog handler...
  24. Dark_Nit

    C(r)apita - saving costs by stopping recruiting

    Signing up for the RAF? Don't bother – you've been Capita'd Nearly all Air Force recruiting grounded, online system blamed Capita’s disastrous Recruiting Partnership Project with the UK Ministry of Defence is so bug ridden that the Royal Air Force stopped taking on new recruits except for those...
  25. Y

    Just a quick question

    Hello all! Let's start by saying, I'm not fishing for reassurance or anything. I don't need wrapping in cotton wool... I need honesty from seasoned soldiers (former serving) I am a 5'4 Yorkshireman but on the slim side.... Would I get taken seriously as an Officer on first impressions? How...
  26. H

    Recruitment, Roles and Intelligence

    Hey, first off sorry if this isn't the best place to post this but I've got a few questions about some of the roles and recruitment for the Royal Artillery. To begin which just what's some of the main differences between 148 battery (29 commando) and 4/73 Sphinx Special observation post...
  27. 1

    Pre-Employment Checks

    As I have not found any up to date info I thought I'd ask the question for recruits starting the application procress. What doe's the pre-employment checks involve? Thus far I have received a notification from that an application about me has been made and delivered. Also, how long...
  28. J

    Training acceleration

    Hello, I've got a few questions about the trades and quals: If I have the qualification the Army is offering in training already (for me, a Level 3 in Electrical Installation) would I have to do that qual again?
  29. S

    Medically unsuitable ... Appealing

    Good afternoon I am just looking to see if anyone on here has been on in the same situation as me and what their outcome was. So my application was flying through and I was just waiting on my medical records to be reviewed and then I was to get a date for 2 day assessment. Then this morning...
  30. B

    I can't decide what trade to go for

    I've looked at ones like ammunition technician, armourer, fabricator and general fitter. Can someone tell me what life is best with one. I've read what I can on prospects and role but I need to know wether being one has better lifestyle and an overall career than the other.
  31. theadamsfamily._sufc

    How successful is a deferral appeal for not attending selection?

    New to this forum so sorry if I do anything wrong but here goes: I went to army selection a few months back in Pirbright, with hopes of going to AFC Harrogate in September for an infantry role. I made it through all of selection and I got to the interview, my overall result was I got deferred...
  32. M

    Army Officer intake January 2018

    Hi all, New to the forum! Looking for people who are hoping to gain a place on the January 2018 RMAS intake and want to do some prep or swap/compare for the up and coming assessments? Just reply to this post and we can go from there.... But about myself, I was a Police Officer for four years...
  33. M

    No more commonwealth recruitment?

    So I noticed a few weeks back that the link is no longer active, what does this mean? Does is mean that the British army is no longer recruiting from commonwealth countries? Need to find answers
  34. T

    AGC Regimental Insight Course

    Hello. I appologise if this has been discussed beforehand but I have not been able to find it. I have applied for the RMP and have been entered into the AGC Regimental Insight Course. I am just wondering if there is anyone who who has been on this course and if there is anything they can pass...
  35. WelshWonder

    Question regarding medical forms

    Hi all. First of all, apologies if this has been posted in the wrong place, I'm still trying to get my head around these forums. With that said, onto the matter at hand - I've recently given my doctor my army medical forms to fill out, about two weeks ago at this point. Since then I've been...
  36. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Recruitment Sector

    Looking for self-motivated individuals that would like to operate their own business with guidance and full training prior to commencement of operations in the recruitment sector. Further details here
  37. B

    I've been offered a job as a special OP, should i take it?

    Ive done my barb test today and i was told i should go for a special observer, is it something i should consider because i cant find as much information on it as other roles. My other job i had on mind was infantry then later recce but I'm hanging fire on that.
  38. 1

    route to 7 para RHA

    hi I'm 16 years old and have just passed my medical. I'm hoping to go to afc Harrogate for the September long course with the RA cap badge. my goal is to become an observer in 7 para RHA and was wondering if anyone could give me tips on the best route and process of getting into that regiment...
  39. getting there

    Conviction and the army

    This has probably been answered before on here but i cannot seem to find it. So i have a conviction which led to 18 months suspended sentence so no custody, the sentence has been finished now last year october so 2016 october was convicted in 2014 for an affray (public order) but i applied in...
  40. P

    Gunner crewman to UAV pilot whats the chance after the phases

    Hi all My lad has passed his selection and now thinking about changing his option to gunner crewman as this is the only way to get to be a UAV pilot (drone) . If he does his phase 1 n 2 what will be his chances if he does ok through them is it hard to get in and do it ? He is also cp3 colour...