1. D

    Good PR or vomit inducing?

    I just saw this video produced by the Australian War Memorial about pride in wearing medals, featuring three rather fragrant young servicewomen. But, I have to admit that there was a bit of sick in my mouth by the end of it...what do others think? What would a UK version be like?
  2. O

    Advice on Units to Join

    Hi everyone, Need some advice on who to join. I'm wanting to go as an officer, but I failed Main Board last time, and should I fail again, I will join the army as a soldier. I've talked to careers people, and I've mentioned my interest in the infantry, but they are not keen as I am a graduate...
  3. T

    Rifles- Catterick- November 2017

    I'm just wondering how many people on here are going to Catterick on the 12th November. Just got my date through.
  4. WelshWonder

    Question regarding medical forms

    Hi all. First of all, apologies if this has been posted in the wrong place, I'm still trying to get my head around these forums. With that said, onto the matter at hand - I've recently given my doctor my army medical forms to fill out, about two weeks ago at this point. Since then I've been...
  5. G

    What's the best career in the army?

    Just curious tbh
  6. P

    Gunner crewman to UAV pilot whats the chance after the phases

    Hi all My lad has passed his selection and now thinking about changing his option to gunner crewman as this is the only way to get to be a UAV pilot (drone) . If he does his phase 1 n 2 what will be his chances if he does ok through them is it hard to get in and do it ? He is also cp3 colour...
  7. P

    Military Engineer communications RE

    Hi Can anyone please give advice on this role plse my son just passed his selection up in scotland and has been offered this position as they say he is colour blind even tho the optitians say he isnt so cant be a sparky or fitter .. will he find it exciting or just plane boring will he be out...
  8. S


    Gents, I am 19. Reservist CMT, trying to find answers on a medical issue. I am a reserve combat medic, waiting for my training and battling with army and civvie doctors for almost a year! 7 years ago I had a completely out of the blue anaphylactic shock to a combination of things, to what the...
  9. S

    Field Hospital Recruitment

    Dear All, I'm currently in the process of Officer recruitment with the reserves and I'm set on joining the RAMC as I currently work in the NHS. I currently work as a Biomedical Scientist (BMS) and was looking for a different role within the Army Reserves which has more managerial and...
  10. Raccoo

    Recruiting Regiments for Surrey (RAC)

    Hey all, Looking to join the RAC, I've got selection in a few days but I haven't decided on a regiment yet, leaning towards RTR. I can't find anywhere on the web the recruiting areas for the regiments in RAC, (specifically Surrey). The main ones I'm looking at are the RTR and the KRH. Any help...
  11. C

    Army Recruiting Outreach Team (West Midlands) Stafford

    Due to get posted to the above unit title although i know little or nothing about the post. A search on here and online hasnt returned much infomation either, anyone had any dealings with this job, done the job themselves or just generally know anything about it? The post is as a Sgt. Any...
  12. M

    Which trades are in field squadrons?

    I ideally want to be in a field squadron when I soon join because of the combat engineering. I'm hoping to either become an armoured farmer or POM. Im just curious, which trades are most common in field squadrons, it won't affect my choices but I'm just curious.
  13. G

    Rifles waiting list

    I've heard that to join the rifles there's a waiting list, why? How long is it? Does this stop me from joining at 16? Is it possible to fastrack? Thanks for support.
  14. M

    R Signals Recruiting

    Recruiting for the Corps is truly on it's arrse, more so than for other capbadges. Does anyone have any suggestions to bring the best and the brightest back through our doors? The only idea I have is pay and lots of it, probably in the form of a bonus as NEM is unlikely to change.
  15. Bad CO

    Army Reserve Manning - MoD Response

    The legion of ARRSEs working deep undercover in MoD Main Building tell me that there are some very senior people in the MoD who are pretty miffed with the recent article in the Express concerning AR manning (Thread: Army Reserve Manning - Change The Target). Now that in itself isn't really that...
  16. Bad CO

    Army Reserve Manning - Change the Target

    Another paper (ok I know it is the express) has been running a story about the problems meeting the 30k recruiting target for the AR. Key points are: "Senior military sources" have highlighted that the AR are padded out with 'paper soldiers' with only 10% turning up. Recruitment is down &...