1. D

    Starting Catterick August 1st 2021

    Hows it going everyone. Im new to this site, So not sure if this is the place to put this. But I think it would be a good idea to get a group chat going for those starting on August 1st, Seen as we are coming close to it now. Feel free to post in this thread and I will try get it sorted for us.
  2. L

    2011 Phase One Basic vs 2021 Phase One Basic

    Hello, Did my training back in 2011 left in 2014 (Discharged for bad conduct) was young naive, immature and f'd up a few times. Anyway signing back up 7 years later and was wondering how basic training has evolved over 10 years. I went to ATR Bassingbourn in 2011, I believe i will go to...
  3. N

    Joining at 27 after a long application process

    Not to bore anyone just looking peoples opinions I passed selection January 2018 was about to leave for pirbright in March 3 days before Intake I was told they had found out I had a medical issue and cancelled the intake after a long appeal it has been passed and I’m waiting a new selection date...
  4. oppoStu

    Technical Selection Test (TST) - Everything You Need To Know

    The TST is for those wanting to perform a technical role within the army. It is taken during your selection weekend during the same day as your medical etc. It is a paper based exam and you are given plenty of time as well as a calculator. It is out of 55 marks. The pass marks for all the...
  5. S

    Uni student joining the Army!

    Hi all, Not sure if this belongs here but I'm currently a first year Management Marketing student at a Russell Group uni and need to know if joining the army as an officer is worth while! I've been told the army is great to progress and do a masters, returning to civilian life as a top...
  6. M

    British Army Assessment Peak Flow

    I am attending the Assessment Centre at Glencorse on the 8th of August and I am happy with my physical health, mostly. I have my 1.5 mile run down to under 8 minutes and I can carry 40kg up to 200m. But I am concerned about my medical. I understand that I will need to partake in a Peak Flow...
  7. K

    Dog Handler Recruitment Questions

    Hi everyone, I'm in my last year of college (doing A-levels) and I think I might be interested in an army career. I'm planning on taking a gap year to decide if this is definitely the right choice, but in the meantime, I can't find much on the British Army website about a career as a dog handler...
  8. B

    REME | VM, Recce Mech or Aircraft Technician

    Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong thread. So I'm in my last year of GCSEs and I am looking ahead to after sixth form. I've decided the army (more specifically REME) would probably be most suited to myself. I've narrowed the trades down to three of interest: -Recovery Mechanic -Vehicle...
  9. L

    Pre-interview Document HELP

    Ok so i have my interview tomorrow and i have a few questions left to answer and i've looked everywhere for the answers and have found nothing. 1 what is the amount of leave given for phase one training for REME, RAC and Royal Signals? i don't know if its six weeks for all of them or if thats...
  10. Big Avo

    Reservist Recruit Driving To and From Phase 1 Training

    Hi everybody, Could a Recruit drive themselves to and from their Phase 1 Training in either a Hire Car or White Fleet Vehicle? Once they have a Service Number they are enlisted and if they have the relevant Driving Licence I don't see why they shouldn't be able to drive themselves. When I...
  11. S


    Gents, I am 19. Reservist CMT, trying to find answers on a medical issue. I am a reserve combat medic, waiting for my training and battling with army and civvie doctors for almost a year! 7 years ago I had a completely out of the blue anaphylactic shock to a combination of things, to what the...
  12. dun_n_dusted

    Need some advice

    Do you think we're all doctors on here? Go and see one.
  13. B

    Armoured Cavalry (CVRT) Height Restrictions?

    Hello, I've been thinking about joining up and the role that most catches my eye is that of an armoured cavalry crewman. I've heard the Royal Armoured Corps put you in a regiment after phase 1 (2?) based off your stated preferred role and where you're joining from so I presume under those terms...
  14. G

    Help me on these statements

    Earlier today as speaking to ex soldier. He said to me that he saw that soldiers get treated like shit and that the infantry role is boring and involves sitting on camp doing **** all. Also what prospects are after infantry
  15. B

    Light gunner or AS90 gunner?

    Im applying soon and im not sure if i want to be a light gunner or an AS90 armoured gunner, anyone have any advice?
  16. G

    Rifles waiting list

    I've heard about the rifles having a big waiting list, can someone explain this to me. Also, why have u never heard of rifles JS at Harrogate. Appreciated help
  17. M

    Premature Voluntary Release

    Hi all. I've been giving a lot of thought to enlisting but my one big hang-up is to do with return of service. I want to serve in the infantry but 4 years seems like it could be too much. I'm not ruling out the possibility that I love life in the army, because I think I might, rather I don't...
  18. Trasky

    Army Brief and AFC Harrogate September 2K16

    I've got my army brief next week, if I get through everything then I'm on the September intake. Anyone else in the same shoes as me or have any advice? Thanks in advance. I'm sort of confused about what the brief is, is this basically the interview where they would talk to you about everything?
  19. C

    Self harm and 'depression'?

    Hi I'm 17, currently doing my A-Levels in order to (hopefully!) become a student nurse. I turn 18 in January and looking into signing up for the reserves as a combat med technician whilst I finish at college. I think I'm pretty much a shoe-in for the army, except for one thing. I have a history...