recruit selection

  1. M

    Ammunition Technician

    Hi I don't know if this is the correct place to write this thread, however I have my ammo tech selection board coming up and I was wondering if it was possible if anyone could provide some additional information on the selection board e.g. interview questions or what the tests are like thanks.
  2. sanjeeanand

    P8 due to past 1 off episode of Kidney Stone. Likelihood of Level 1a appeal?

    Hi troops! So I got a P8 for a one off episode of a Kidney stone back in 2016. It was a microscopic one and got CT Scanned. The Doctor said it was due to lack of fluids and i’ve never had it before or ever since. Been advised to get a letter from my GP to say I'm fine and a up to date CT Scan to...
  3. A

    Growth Hornone

    Hi Not in the forces, just quick couple of questions. 1 Does the CDT pick up Growth Hormone? 2 At what part of the selection process does the military drugs test a candidate? Regards Andi
  4. J

    What to bring to assessment centre?

    Going up to glencourse in the next few weeks for my assessment, but my CSM hasn’t given me a list of things I need to bring including ID etc, can anyone help me out? Thanks
  5. oppoStu

    Technical Selection Test (TST) - Everything You Need To Know

    The TST is for those wanting to perform a technical role within the army. It is taken during your selection weekend during the same day as your medical etc. It is a paper based exam and you are given plenty of time as well as a calculator. It is out of 55 marks. The pass marks for all the...
  6. Emanai

    ADSC Pirbright Experience

    I have recently completed my ADSC assessment at Pirbright and found that reading through posts like these beforehand was very useful and reassuring so I thought I’d provide an up to date experience for others going into ADSC in the near future. For the sake of security I won’t be putting any...
  7. BlackMafia2018

    Lichfield Selection - March

    Bonjour all, Just wanted to see if anyone on here is attending the selection weekend at Lichfield in 2 weeks? Last time I was there was 17 years ago (If you don't count the medic I was visiting for a few months :) ) Anyhow, I will let you guys know how I get on. Have a great weekend all and...