1. Cynical

    Military Reconnaissance

    This commendably ambitious book seeks to provide an understanding of the value, techniques and history of reconnaissance in land warfare. Given the current challenges that the AJAX programme is facing this could have been be a useful reference work for those trying to resolve it. The author has...
  2. R

    Light Cav vs Armoured Cav

    Having read a couple of similar threads on the topic I was wondering if anyone in the know wrt current doctrine could clear up some questions. 1) Apart from the vehicles used, what are the differences in operational capability and specialism between light cavalry and armoured cavalry (range...
  3. B

    I've been offered a job as a special OP, should i take it?

    Ive done my barb test today and i was told i should go for a special observer, is it something i should consider because i cant find as much information on it as other roles. My other job i had on mind was infantry then later recce but I'm hanging fire on that.
  4. L

    Want to join queen Royal lancers.

    Ok so I'm 17 and I'm think about joining the army when I'm 18/19. I'm very interested in joining a unit which does recce but I don't have much knowledge about it. So I have a few questions. I'm from Nottingham so would this be ok or do they only recruit from local areas? Can I apply for the...