1. H


    If anyone can post a bit of helpinghand !! currently a prison officer and realising leaving the army was the worst decion i could of made ... left 2 weeks from finishig phase 2 training in 2013. Been born and raised into the army, most of family served 10+ years. Ifi dont do it now i never will...
  2. B

    Appealing SNLR/Re-Enlisting to Sandhurst

    I was recently discharged from Sandhurst after nearly a year (got backtermed 1 term) and was given Service no longer required without the right to go in as a regular soldier or reserves. Is there any form of appeal or challenge process as the grounds are so vague and loose it seems to confirm...
  3. callmedexy

    I want to re-enlist, does QRs 9.414 Discharge Code mean a complete bar of entry?

    Hey, So, I pretty much have a sound understanding of where I sit with this, but I wanted to post it here and get other peoples advice on this if there is any light to be shed on the circumstance. In short, I joined at the age of 23/24, I joined Parachute Regiment Infantry Training and came...