1. D

    Rejected early release

    I have recently transferred from REME to QARANC and have decided to sign off after not enjoying my nursing course I applied for early release as I am sat in a holding platoon with no nursing qualifications i have a good job lined up and other reasons for wanting early release it has been...
  2. MRHQ Team

    Increasing Ex-Military employment - Service leavers & Veterans

    If you are leaving the forces and are in your resettlement phase with a few months to go or have been out for 10+ years, you can use the platform as well, it is prime time to start planning your exit from the military once you have been signed off from your RCMO. Get ahead of the game and take a...
  3. C


    I am a full screw currently posted out in Kenya for 6 months. I was selected and promoted almost a year ago whilst I was on another posting so my time only in battalion was only a couple of months before getting shipped out here as TDS. Im lead to believe you should complete your CLM PT 1...